Her by Harriet Lane

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Her is the story of Emma and Nina, Nina remembers Emma, but Emma doesn’t remember Nina. When their lives come together once again after years of being apart, Nina intends on causing chaos in to Emma’s seemingly perfect life. But in the end, will Emma remember the chaos she caused on Nina’s?

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Fire Colour One by Jenny Valentine

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Quite some time ago I was sent Fire Colour One for review. I have been close to picking this up so many times in shop just for how interesting the cover looks. To be completely honest, I’m so glad I didn’t waste my money on it.

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The Duff Kody Keplinger

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I picked up The Duff before its movie release because of the massive amount of hype around it at the time. Everyone in the online book community seemed to be obsessed with the idea of the novel being about the underdog (what novels aren’t really about the underdog?) and the easy read of it. I literally could not wait to dive in to it once I bought it, of course so I could then watch the anticipated movie!

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