LGBTQ+ Book Club

In 2017 we created our online LGBTQ+ Book Club in order for us to read a little more diversely within the LGBTQ+ spectrum and also read more with our friends and share ideas. You can see any of our Archived Book Club Posts if you want to see what we got up to last year.

We read one book every two months and we had a nice little following of people joining in with our reads and sharing their opinions. However this year we wanted to make it bigger, more consistent and a lot more interactive.

We have found a space to put it out into the real world. As of March the 1st 2018, our book club will be held in Chapter One Books in Manchester city centre.

The book club will predominately be LGBTQ+ books, however we still want to include as much diversity as we can. The book club itself is accessible to anyone, not just people who are apart of the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

We hope to see a lot of familiar faces there each month. The sessions will take place on the first Thursday of every month where we can discuss the book we’ve read and share ideas about the story, characters, author and generally have a great chat about LGBTQ+ issues in literature.

We will keep the blog updated on the book club, along with our Facebook and Twitter pages which you can find on the side bar of the blog.