There’s Been No Updates From Me

As you may have noticed (or not) there’s been a huge lack of updates from me, blog posts and monthly reading wrap-ups have taken a big back seat in the last few months. I’ve had a lot going on, and i wanted to catch you up with what’s been happening.

The main thing that’s changed for me in the last few months is that i have officially bought my own house! Myself and my boyfriend moved in to our own house a few weeks ago, and everything has been a little crazy since. Moving all my books from house to house has taken up a lot of time, so there has been very little reading time!

I’ve really enjoyed the moving process so far, and we came straight in and destroyed two of the rooms in order to start decorating! We’ve now finished my boyfriends home office, and nearly have the bedroom finished before furnishing! It’s been very exciting but also incredibly busy and a lot of work.

Which means, i’ve had very little time for reading for pleasure! I’ve had a week off work and have another, which i’m hoping this will be filled with much more reading. With that being said, work has also been busy, which added to the unable to read situation. I’ve currently been reading the same book for about a month and am at a point i’ve lost track of what’s happening and lost my enjoyment of it.

I have so many books that are now staring at me after being shuffled around during the move that i’m incredibly interested in picking up again.

I’m slowly getting myself back together with reading and blogging, and even after moving my huge book collection to a new house, i’ve decided i need more new books apparently. So i have a book haul for you at some point soon!

I feel like i’ve been very out of the book community and blogging community in the last few weeks (let’s face it, months). So if you have anything that you think i’ve missed or need to be updated on, new releases, news, author drama, please leave a comment and let me know what’s been going on!


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