Why I’ve Not Been Blogging

I’ve been slacking quite a bit this year on the blogging front, and i wanted to just update to let you know where i’ve been and where i’m going to go, and probably how often you should expect me to post.

I’ve been struggling this year to focus on blogging completely. Especially with lockdown happening in the UK, a mix of work and plenty of other things going on, i’ve barely been posting. Some of that is because i’ve probably not had the content i want to put out, and feeling a little defeated without being able to go to book events or book shops (i know i’m a year late feeling this).

However, the last four months have been manic work-wise for me. I’ve enjoyed it, but have really been busy. That along with some exciting developments in my personal life, i’ve spent a lot of weekends away from my computer or not having chance to sit down and type out any thoughts about books!

Admittedly, one main reason why i’ve not been blogging so much is because i’ve been trying to enjoy my time away from the blog. I’ve been really enjoying spending time on things i want to enjoy. I’ve started to watch TV shows again and movies, i’ve started to play a lot more video games than i ever have done (thank you to Animal Crossing and my boyfriend for buying me Pokemon). I’ve really enjoyed down time recently, and i think that’s the restless pandemic brain that’s settled.

More so, i’ve really been enjoying reading. I’ve wanted to focus on books a lot more recently, and that doesn’t always mean recording what i’m doing for the blog or sharing my ideas about every single thing i’ve read. I’ve enjoyed reading for me. I think this is something i really want to keep up, not having to track absolutely everything i’ve read, or update you all. I’ve loved just grabbing a book and getting stuck in.

Obviously i love this blog and the community we have built and the friends i made, and i cannot see this stopping any time soon (we’d like to get our book club back in person before we stop completely). But i have enjoyed taking a little step back from ‘professional’ reading and letting myself just be.

Without a doubt i’m sure i’ll have a resurgence at some point and get right back in to blogging, and telling you all my bookish thoughts. However for now, i’m content with this way of working things, of reading as and when i want and not feeling pressured in to reading anything in particular. I guess i’m trying to say, stick with us while our lives and blog is a little messy at the moment. Myself and Sophie are very busy, and both have changed up our reading habits this year to make us happier about what we are reading.

Have you changed up your reading habits in the past? What’s worked for you and what hasn’t?

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