Bookish Birthday Gifts – Mr B’s Emporium Series

Way back in February, it was my birthday, (there’s a reason i’m telling you all this now) which this year happened to be the month of lockdown. We all had to have a lockdown birthday at some point right? I spent the day with my family and boyfriend and had the most wonderful day honestly. I was also lucky enough to receive some bookish gifts…

This year my boyfriend got me an 11 month book subscription to Mr B’s Emporium. Mr B’s is an adorable bookshop in Bath, independantly run with a host of incredible staff, there is no-one at Mr B’s that won’t be able to answer your bookish questions. Their website hosts plenty of book lists to choose a recent release or something in a category you’re after. Not only that, Mr B’s run a podcast and also a YouTube channel where they read children’s books! What an absolutely perfect company.

I was lucky enough back in 2019 to visit Mr B’s Emporium as i randomly came across it in Bath, it wasn’t until my boyfriend started to talk about it that i remembered it’s wonderful existance and became obsessed with the shop once again. So it was a completely wonderful surprise to open a whole 11 months of books from that very shop on my birthday morning!

Each month, i will get a book from Mr B’s that is tailored to what themes i enjoy and the genres i like. Seems like the perfect gift right? It gets better. If you have already read the book that is sent to you, you are welcome to send it back for a replacement!

I’m so incredibly grateful for this gift. I first had to contact Mr B’s Emporium and fill out a quite extensive form about what i liked and didn’t like in books.This is what the wonderful staff at Mr B’s will go off for your choices. In addition to this, you can nominate someone to recieve an email before you get your book, telling them who the author is. They can then tell Mr B’s staff if you have that book or not! It’s a pretty great little service.

I want to keep these posts up every month as a little series. Telling you what i got, what i thought of it and how i think the service is working. Just for fun, nothing else.

Well it’s coming to the end of lockdown in the UK now, and i finally got to recieve my first book in the post. The package came quicker than expected and was in absolutely stunning packaging. It felt like a whole experience to just get the book.

The book that was chosen for me this month was Guard Your Heart by Sue Divin. This isn’t a book that i’d heard of before, but something that i’m incredibly interested in now that it’s in my hands. I cannot wait to start reading, and will definitely keep you updated with how this reading journey goes.

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