Five Reasons To Read Lock The Doors by Vincent Ralph

*Thank you to Penguin for sending me a copy of Lock The Doors for review.

Before this book landed on my door step, i had heard very little about it, and now i can only question why. Lock The Doors kept me hooked, has a great range of characters and discusses some really indepth topics. Here are some of the reasons i think you should pick up Lock The Doors.

Short Chapters
Let’s go in with something that everyone loves, a short chapter. I was shocked to find out that the chapters in Lock The Doors are on average about two, to three pages long. I really love a short chapter, especially in a mystery book where you can fly through and it keeps your interest.

Lock The Doors is primarily a thriller mystery story. I rarely pick up YA thrillers, because i never find myself fully hooked on them. However with Vincent’s latest release, i couldn’t put it down. I read the entire book in two sittings because i found myself unable to not flick to the next chapter. Yes, the short chapters helped with this, but it took me a long time in to the book to figure out what might be happening and how odd the characters were acting. It was incredibly suspenseful.

Hard Topics & Triggers
This obviously isn’t going to be a reason to read Lock The Doors for some people, but for me who was not affected by any of the triggering topics, i found the topics discussed really interesting. There is definitely some trigger warnings for family death, murder, abuse amongst other smaller triggers. If any of these triggers are something that affects you, Lock The Doors might not be for you. For me, someone not affected by any of these, i found the plot interesting and something i’d not seen dicussed in a YA novel before.

The Netflix Factor
This is definitely something i’ve just made up but stick with me for a minute. When i was reading Lock The Doors, i could imagine a Netflix series, something similar to Sex Education, full of mystery, intrigue and diverse characters. It’s rare i have the moment of truly imaging a story on the screen, but i think this would without a doubt translate incredibly well to screen.

There isn’t a huge amount of LGBTQ+ in this book, however Tom (our main character) has a best friend with nods towards his sexuality. There are a few mentions towards him being gay, which is a wonderful little insight in to their lives a little bit more. It didn’t feel pushed in, and that’s exactly how we like our LGBTQ+!

I really enjoyed Lock The Doors, it was an unexpected read for me, but something i’m really glad i put the time in to. Vincent Ralphs writing is incredibly easy to read with loads of twists to keep you interested. Make sure if you like thriller mystery books to give this one a chance!


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