Tips to Beat the Reading Slump

I’ve been in a mega reading slump over the last couple of months that I’m only just coming out of. It’s been very hard to kick and I find it really difficult to get back into reading, and also blogging, when this happens. I’m here to share a few ideas though on how to get out of one!

Some of these things help me, some of them are things I know help others. Please leave in the comments anything that helps you get out of a slump!

Try a different format
If you usually read physical copies of books, try eBooks, or audiobooks! Or vice versa. If it’s possible for you to access different formats, it’s definitely worth doing. I know people who get bored of physical books and listening to an audiobook reinvigorates them and makes them want to read more often. It can be a really effective way to get out of a slump.

Change up the genres
I used to read a lot of the same style and genre of books, hit a slump, and not understand why. It seems obvious now but at the time I didn’t think of picking up something different. Sometimes, you even need a break from your favourite genres. Try a completely different type of book – maybe give a graphic novel a shot if you don’t normally. It can really bring you out of the rut you didn’t even realise you were in.

Co-read with friends or fellow bloggers
This is very much dependent on my mood but it can be such a joy! I wasn’t feeling co-reads early in January but I ended up spontaneously starting one with a friend last week and I am loving it so much. It also helps that it’s a book I’ve wanted to read for a long time now (The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller) so this gave me the perfect reason to start it.

Set up a reading hang out with friends
When we could safely meet up with each other, I’d love reading with friends or my girlfriend. Be it in a garden, in one of our homes, or at a cafe, there was something so soothing and lovely about reading together. Throughout the pandemic, I have had a few video calls with Sarah and other friends where we have a little catch up and then just sit and read “together”. Sure, it’s not the same as actually being sat together in person but it’s the next best thing and it gives me a very similar content feeling.

Watch BookTube videos
I didn’t used to watch much BookTube but I’ve got really into some wonderful creators recently! My favourite kinds of videos are best reads/worst reads, hauls, fun tags, and any kind of list video (like going through fave books, going through all books you own with covers of a certain colour etc.). These give me so many new book suggestions that I can’t wait to jump back into reading! I also think there are some amazing longer videos discussing much bigger topics in depth. I’m planning a post talking about BookTubers I’m loving at the moment so keep an eye out for that!

Take a break from reading
It sounds counter productive but honestly it’s something I find super helpful! Maybe you’ve been reading loads recently or have been super busy and just need a break from your regular routine. Focus instead on some other hobbies – rewatch a favourite show, start a new one, do some crafts, draw, write, watch some films. Anything you enjoy! Sometimes you just need a break from one hobby before going back to it with a positive mindset because you actually want to do it again.

The most important thing is to look after yourself and not beat yourself up because you aren’t reading as much as you want to be. I know as book bloggers it can be hard as it feels like we need to be reading but also it’s perfectly fine to take a break from everything! It’s comforting to chill out, spend time with those we love (if possible), and do our own things.

Let me know in the comments how you get out of a reading slump!

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