A Snowfall Of Silver by Laura Wood

*The book discussed in this post was gifted by the publisher.

Once i read Laura Wood’s YA debut, i knew she’d be an auto buy author and someone that i absolutely adored. This was only solidified once i interviewed Laura a couple of years back, and lets just say our interview over-ran by 45 minutes.

A Snowfall of Silver is the third book about the Trevelyan siblings, focusing on Freya. Freya is the theatre lover of the family, and desperately wants to run away to find adventure to help her perform. Love and loss is something she seeks in order to truly feel the characters she is playing. Once running away to London to join her older sister, Freya joins a theatre group and as you can imagine, chaos ensues.

Freya is an incredibly passionate character, who has a air of theatrics around her at all times. Her life is quite the on-going drama, but in the best way possible. She makes the story fun, and keeps you interested in what her next move is going to be. I really enjoyed a full book from Freya’s point of view, with her ideas of love especially entertaining. The side characters in A Snowfall of Silver also seemed to be incredibly well written and formed. Kit, Lou and Nora especially worked very well.

I said after reading Laura’s previous works that historical novels don’t interest me at all. But the way that Laura writes can only be described as incredibly soft. It’s easy reading, with a lot of depth and really pulls you in. It’s been qutie a while since i was drawn in by writing like Laura’s. Every scene is perfectly written, the dialogue feels very realistic for the time and the pacing of the book is exactly how you’d want it to be. A Snowfall of Silver feels like complete Winter escapsim, and apparently that’s what i needed right now.

I very much enjoy Laura’s including of LGBTQ+ and other issues and topics that may be controvertial for the time. As i’ve not researched in to anything, i can’t say if these are accurate or not, however it definitely makes my heart quite happy.

A Snowfall Of Silver is the perfect cosy weekend novel. Between theatre lock-ins and cute romances, it’s a memorable story with wonderful characters and a very realistic plot of truly finding what you want to do in life.

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