Crime Readathon Book Recs

Ourselves and the lovely Lois of LoisReadsBooks announced a readathon we set up which begins this month, from the 25th October until 8th November 2020. It’s a Crime Readathon as we want to expand our reading of the crime genre and it’s various subgenres. We have created a little spreadsheet of some recommendations and suggestions where you could find some books for your readathon TBR!

If you want to read more about the Crime Readathon, we wrote a post all about it which you can read here. We have a bingo card of topics and subgenres which may help you build your TBR, which include Whodunnit, Graphic Novel, and Local Story, plus many more!

Today, we want to share a spreadsheet of crime book suggestions that either we have read or that others have recommended to us. We did a call out on Twitter and Instagram for recs so thank you to everyone that suggested any reads to us! We have got a good few recommendations along with a couple of links to other lists we found online – particularly lists featuring crime books written by authors of colour. The spreadsheet features a mixture of books: middle grade, thrillers, mysteries, non-fiction, graphic novels, and more. It’s not extensive but there are a fair few there and on the linked lists so we hope you find a few books to add to your TBR, both for the readathon and beyond!

Click here for the Crime Readathon Book Recs spreadsheet!

A quick disclaimer that we of course, do not condone violent crime and we disagree with glorifying serial killers in any way. We are running the Crime Readathon as a way to help people read more of the crime genre (fiction and non-fiction), learn more about the genre and for others to join in if they wish to do so!

Are there any crime books or authors you’d recommend? Let us know!

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