Partner Event: Women X

Today’s post is a little different but I am very excited about it! We here at The Little Contemporary Corner have partnered with Women X – created by Rianne Pictures with the aim of uplifting women and non-binary filmmakers. I work at Rianne Pictures, which is a volunteer and women led production company – I’ve been there for over three years now, I absolutely love it and I’m super glad my two worlds of films and books have collided! Read on to find out what the event is, when it is and how you can get tickets…

Women X is a new film festival which aims to uplift women and non-binary creators in the film industry – there’s going to be panels, workshops and screenings of wonderful short films from around the world! It’s taking place online over Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th October and you can see the full line up here. There are an amazing variety of short films being shown – heartwarming, funny, adventurous, unique, personal – I could go on. I’m so proud to have assisted in creating this festival and to partner our blog with it too.

I know I also work at the company but we decided to partner with Rianne Pictures for this event because we are both passionate about inclusive spaces for women and non-binary creators. Sarah and I advocate for LGBTQ+ books and authors and aim to be a safe space for all to find diverse bookish recommendations. With our LGBTQ+ Book Club, we are proud to host a space where we can learn, broaden our reading and respectfully discuss queer representation. We support the ethos of Women X because they uphold similarly inclusive ideals to what we value!

You can buy tickets here – they start at just £5 for a pass and £8 for a pass and a goodie bag that will be sent to you before the festival! I know our audience here is very bookish but you don’t have to be a huge film fan to join in on the fun. Short films are truly underrated and this is a great opportunity to see a whole bunch of hidden gems, all of which have directors, producers or writers who identify as women or non-binary.

Women X are also striving to be as accessible as possible – subtitles are being provided for films wherever they can be. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact the team!

Let us know if you plan on attending (digitally of course!) and what you are most looking forward to!

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