September 2020 Wrap-Up

You Should See Me In A Crown by Leah Johnson
I’d been so excited to read Leah’s debut for a long time now, and me and Sophie finally got around to co-reading it this month. Although it’s a classic YA rom-com of sorts, i found this one just a little bit too cheesy for me. I don’t think i clicked with many of the characters, infact, after a month of not reading this book i can’t really seem to remember a whole bunch about it. It was fun whilst reading, but i cannot say i enjoyed You Should See Me In A Crown as much as everyone else did.

Dear Justyce by Nic Stone
Again, i was incredibly late to the Nic Stone train, and i highly regret that. I read Dear Martin just a month or two ago, so when i got approved for Dear Justyce on Netgalley i was over the moon. I don’t think this lived up to Dear Martin, but i think the story followed on incredibly well, especially with Nic’s stunning writing. These are hard hitting books, and not something to be taken lightly, but absolutely incredible and real.

Unbelievable by T. Christian Miller
Having tried to watch the Netflix series and just not connecting with it, i decided to pick up the book. Unbelievable is the true story of a young girl who claimed to have been raped in her flat, and the discovery in to whether she was telling the truth or not. The book also brings in to account other cases in the area and gives a profile of the offender. I definitely connected more to the book than i did the TV show.

Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales
I genuinely think that Only Mostly Devastated has quickly become one of my favourite YA contemporary rom-coms. It’s not often i find something in this genre that i absolutely love, i find them incredibly cheesy and just not that enjoyable (let’s face it, a little cringy). But this is a rare gem that i seemed to connect with, had enough real life happening to keep me entertained and hooked and enough gay to keep me happy!

I feel like I haven’t read enough at all in the last month. It’s been my lowest reading month in quite some time, which is spurring me on to read more next month!

Books read: 4

Books read this year: 68

Pages read: 1,208

Pages Per Day: 40

Average Rating: 3

New to me: 4

Rereads: 0

Off my shelves: 4

Borrowed: 0

Review copies: 1

Library books: 0

eBooks: 1

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