Crime Readathon Announcement

We are so excited to announce our Crime Readathon which we are hosting along with the wonderful Lois of Lois Reads Books! We have been wanting to do this for a long while now and we finally found the time to bring it to fruition! Read on to find out more about it and how you can get involved.

So, our Crime Readathon pretty much is exactly what it sounds like – from October 25th to November 8th 2020, we will be turning our reading time into reading crime! We are all really looking forward to this readathon and hope that you can join us if you wish! We are looking forward to exploring more of the crime genre and subgenres that are included.

We have a bingo card for which we tried to include a diverse range of topics and subgenres! We have a range of topics to read about and pretty much every topic can be read as a fiction or non-fiction crime book. If you’re struggling for a book to read for a specific square, let us know and we will recommend you something! We will be using this throughout the readathon to see if we can get a line or maybe a full house if you’re speeding through books!

  • Unsolved Case – This is a crime that has been left unsolved.
  • Under 200 Pages – Pretty self-explanatory, a crime book that’s under 200 pages.
  • Adaptation – A book that’s been made into a movie or TV show, true or not!
  • Conspiracy – A story about two or more people plotting a future crime.
  • Whodunnit – Basically Cluedo, but a book.
  • Middle Grade – An easier read, a crime book written for younger people.
  • Medical – A crime relating to medicine.
  • Outside of the UK & US – A book based outside the UK or US – the author or the story!
  • Cult Story – Fact or fiction about a cult.
  • Memoir – Probably the only tricky fiction square, read someone’s account of a crime.
  • Young Adult – A crime book aimed for a young adult audience.
  • High Profile – A high profile media case.
  • Disappearance – The story of a missing person.
  • Graphic Novel – Illustrated crime.
  • Local Story – A crime story that is local to your area. Define this as you wish.
  • Prison – After the crime, a book set in prison.

We do want to give a quick disclaimer that we of course, do not condone violent crime and we disagree with glorifying serial killers in any way. We are running the Crime Readathon as a way to read more of the crime genre (fiction and non-fiction), learn more about the genre and for others to join in if they wish to do so! We cannot wait for this readathon to start and hope you can join us!

Let us know if you plan to join and what books you’re planning to read!

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