Bookshelf Burns Candle Co – Ignite Your Imagination

We’re very fond of a small bookish independant business over here, especially once that smells incredible and has the most adorable packaging. I want to share with you some new products i’ve found by a company called Bookshelf Burns. You can catch them over on INSTAGRAM.
This post is not sponsored, however i have been gifted the products i am talking about.

As i said, i’ve been lucky enough to be gifted these products, which was quite the surprise. I love bookish businesses and i really love to support small creators who are using their imagination and time to come up with individual bookish items.

Bookshelf Burns is a bookish wax melt business, specialising in bookish scented wax melts for your every reading wax melt needs. All products are used with soy wax and scents that can ignite any imagination whilst reading.

I was personally gifted two of the Harry Potter scents, one being The Headmasters Office, the scent of sherbert Lemon and The Restricted Section which smells like Plum and Leather. The Restricted Section being my favourite, because who doesn’t love being cosy, reading and having the scent of old books surrounding you.

Everything about the item feels luxurious. From the stamping of the brand, brown paper packaging and the scents. I was really impressed how these burned, as i’ve never had full faith in many wax melts before.

Bookshelf Burns is still just starting out, but they have incredible prices, wonderful service and honestly the cutest packaging i’ve had from a product in a very long time. There are seasonal scents that you might want to hop on now, once they’re gone they’re gone, as we move in to another season.

Every item is hand made, hand packet and can only be ordered through the Instagram page at the moment. Please take the time to check out Bookshelf Burns and see for yourself how lovely the scents and starter kits are.

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