August 2020 Wrap-UP

Does anyone else look back on their monthly wrap-up and think, was it only this month i read that? Basically, this is a whole wrap-up of me thinking ‘was it only two weeks ago that i read that?’

Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol
I’ve wanted to read Anya’s Ghost for a long time now, it feels like a must read as you start to explore graphic novels, which i’m now way past that stage in my graphic novel reading. When i visited a friend and saw this on her bookshelf i grabbed it and immediately sat down to read it. It’s funny, actually, really funny, thought provoking and not what i expected at all. I really enjoyed Anya’s Ghost and it might have made its way to one of my favourite graphic novels.

What We Don’t Talk About by Charlot Kristensen
I pre-ordered my copy of What We Don’t Talk About on a whim a few months ago, honestly just because i loved the art style of the few pages i’d seen. I had no idea what to expect, but when this lovely little package arrived through my door i read it within about half an hour. The story is wonderful and real and raw, with a lot of topics that are not regularly discussed in graphic novels.

Bad Blood by John Carreyrou
I have a full review up on the blog HERE if you’d like to check it out, however if you want a brief summary, this was my continuation in to the world of true crime. I borrowed this from a friend, who raved about how great this book was, based on the real events of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. I really enjoyed learning about the people and process that this medical firm went through, and i won’t lie, i loved the drama of it falling apart.

Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour
It’s no secret that i’ve been in love with Nina’s writing for years now. However, Everything Leads To You was my last already released book by her that i had to read, and i can’t say i fell head over heels. Whereas the story was interesting, and some of the characters were okay. I think it fell a little dry for me. I didn’t take a lot of notice of what was going on and the writing wasn’t of her usual standard i thought.

Nick & Charlie by Alice Oseman
Nick and Charlie are two of my all time favourite characters, so when their novella was finally getting a paperback, i couldn’t leave it on the shelf could i? I never read the online release of Nick & Charlie so i dove right in to their little side story about university. I loved the characters as usual, but the writing let it down a little for me. This of course was before i was reminded this was once of Alice’s first books, and i’d gotten very used to her new writing style.

Notting Hill Carnival: A Westside Story by Candice Carty-Williams
After discovering Queenie a couple of years ago, i knew i’d pick up any book Candice would ever write. Finding out that she has in fact written another short story based on Westside Story filled me with immense joy. I love her writing style, i love retellings and short stories so this was absolutely perfect for me. I cannot wait for more books by Candice.

Every Little Piece Of My Heart by Non Pratt
Again, Non Pratt is an author that i auto-buy. Not necessarily because i find their books compelling and incredible, but because i love Non as a person. Naturally, their books follow suit and i find them quite comforting. Non’s latest release Every Little Piece Of My Heart is probably my favourite book by Non as a solo author. It’s an incredibly interesting story of friendship and i always find it fun to figure out how a group interlinks.

Here Is The Beehive by Sarah Crossan
I will have a full review up of Here Is The Beehive incredibly soon, but for now, i can confirm that i loved this book. I’m always wary of Sarah Crossan books because i feel like the next will never live up to the last, and then it does. Admittedly, i connected the least to this book as it is adult with themes i cannot relate to at all, but i loved the drama, the pace and the writing.

I didn’t do too bad with my reading in August, i wish i had time to read more. I feel like i was spoiled over lockdown with all the time to read all of the books. My big goal for the next few months is to read steady and try and enjoy what i’m reading a really savour it.

Books read: 8

Books read this year: 63

Pages read: 1,841

Pages Per Day: 60

Average Rating: 3.5

New to me: 8

Rereads: 0

Off my shelves: 6

Borrowed: 2

Review copies: 1

Library books: 0

eBooks: 1

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