My Views on Book Reviews

Chat HeaderI have felt very inspired to read recently but much less inspired to write and I think this is due to a little creative dip. I can’t really think of different types of posts to write that I am excited about. Of course, book reviews are one of the main types of posts that bloggers upload but I’m really not feeling inspired to write reviews right now, even though I do really want to write about the books I’ve read recently.

I think my main issue with writing reviews at the moment is that I feel I have to write them in a more conventional way, with star ratings and explanations of what I like, dislike, plus critical analysis. Now, I personally do find fun in reading books critically – for me, it adds something extra to my reading.  Sometimes however, I just want to write a post about how much I loved a book. I usually add a little to say a couple of things I wasn’t a huge fan of or if there is anything that wasn’t done too well. However the usual structure of reviews just hasn’t been working for me recently.

I sometimes end up fleshing reviews out more so they’re not too short but I don’t like doing this a lot as it doesn’t feel genuine. I want reviews to show my personal feelings and to be genuine because if not, what’s the point? I’m not a fan personally of ‘objective reviews’ – all reviews are at least a bit subjective because of our personal tastes. I am more likely to read or watch reviews by others if they are more subjective, with the person talking specifically about what they personally did and didn’t like as opposed to (for example) dissecting the structure from a very analytical, ‘academic’ point of view. Again, this is just my personal preference too!

I have quite a few books I’ve read recently that I want to talk about on here and they will still be labelled as reviews but they’re probably going to be a little shorter and more chatty and casual, like when you’re having a conversation with someone and they recommend you a book they’ve loved. This is more the vibe I am aiming for and it’s what I enjoy writing. When I make a review fit a certain structure, I think it comes across as less personal and even a little detached, which I hate! It may only seem that way to me, but even so I want to change this.

My reviews after this are going to be chattier and more like I’m having a chat with you in person – or at least, that’s my aim! I’m going to see how this feels for me but right now I think it’s better. It means I will still write a post about the books I want to share my opinions on but I’m not put off doing it by a structure that I really don’t enjoy. I’m looking forward to writing about some fab books I’ve read recently – keep an eye out!

What are your thoughts? What kinds of reviews do you enjoy reading and/or writing?Sophie Signature

3 thoughts on “My Views on Book Reviews

  1. I write very short ‘reviews’ that mainly concentrate on my thoughts and feelings on the book rather than a big critical review. I will talk about what I liked and disliked, without going over it with a fine tooth comb. I just can’t review books that way. It takes out the joy out of it for me. I know my reviews (or thoughts as I prefer to call them) are not that thorough, but I don’t mind. I do enjoy reading any kind of review, but I prefer ones where the plot itself is not explained too much.


  2. I get what you mean – it’s hard to find a balance of having a personality in your reviews with still staying a reliable source of information!! I find that I write mine super casually and just chat about what I liked and didn’t like – they tend to be shorter than I anticipate because honestly the second I try to write one, I can’t even remember what the book was about! 😂 I’m excited to read some of your reviews, I hope you find a good balance that works for you!! ❤️


  3. I have absolutely no set rules about how I write my reviews. I don’t take notes while reading or anything. I just finish the book, pull out my tablet and write whatever it is I feel. Sometimes that is a careful analysis, sometimes it’s a bunch of hyperbole, and sometimes it’s a spoilery mess 😂 But the one consistent thing is that they are each dictated by my heart rather than my head. Because I read with my heart! ☺️☺️☺️💛💙


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