What’s Making Me Happy At The Moment

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I recently posted about what i’ve been doing while locked down, which basically just told you i’ve been reading a lot and watching Netflix. Which honestly is exactly what everyone else is doing so try not to be surprised. But i wanted to talk to you about what is specifically making me happy at the moment.

It’s admittedly hard to be happy in times like these, but some thing has to give us a little bit of joy. I’ve found quite a few things that are making me happy during lock down, that are taking my mind off things and what is happening. I’ve found taking myself out of the current situation has been incredibly useful to me, way more than i thought it would be to be honest. I figured my mind would be going 100 miles an hour with panic, but taking myself out of all that and letting my mind be occupied with anything else right now has been a really good relaxor.

I’ve found a lot of job in co-reading books with my friends. I’ve done a few big co-reads of books and myself and Lois (LoisReadsBooks) have pretty much constantly had a co-read going. I enjoy it in general, however right now it feels like i’m actually doing something with my friends. We’re not in the same room or even talking necessarily but there’s something incredibly comforting about knowing someone is doing the same task as you. So if you can, i’d highly recommend you to co-read with your friends at the moment.

Something i’ve rarely done before is Skype or FaceTime my friends, and another thing i’ve rarely done is play video games. Apparently when you do these two things together it relaxes you a lot, who knew? I’ve spent quite a lot of friend evenings on Skype, playing games on our own but i know i have friends there to talk to if i want. I’ve found it really nice, and again it feels like i’m just hanging out with people.

This is an obvious thing that’s made me happy but reading has been making me more happy than it has in a long time. For a while, with the pressure of a full time job and adult life, reading started to become a chore for me. Now i’ve had time to pick up what books i want when i want, i’ve found that i’m really enjoying reading and taking things at any pace that i want to. I’ve been able to finish books in a day if i’ve wanted to, or a week, and held on to stories for as long as i wanted to. I think it takes a lot to find books to focus on in times like this, but once i found them, i’ve been sort of hooked on really great books and five star reads.

If you have anything that’s making you really happy at the moment in the middle of what feels like the world falling a part, please leave it in the comments below! I always want to know what makes people happy, and if it’s something that can help everyone, there’s more point in sharing!

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