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Last week, I ordered myself a Nintendo Switch with the game Animal Crossing New Horizons and of course I love it! I knew I would since I played Animal Crossing Wild World when I was much younger and adored it. I saw a few people posting this tag on Twitter in the last few weeks and decided to seek it out and give it a go myself! I love book tags and Animal Crossing so what could be better?

This tag was created by Angharad and Becky at Two Book Thieves. You can find the original post with their answers here

Past Villager – Who is a character you found when you were younger that still has a place in your heart?
The first character that popped into my head is Miss Honey from Matilda. I loved the film and book when I was younger and though it’s not something I’ve really come back to much as an adult, I still love the character of Miss Honey so much and I always wished she was real when I was a kid.

Blather’s Blatherings – Recommend a historical fiction book that you think everybody should read
Does it count if I say Cloud Atlas? Though it’s 6 stories, a couple of them are historical and combined with the contemporary and future stories they make a fantastic impact. This book has affected me in so many great ways. It made me think about the world and how we all affect it and each other.

Celeste’s Wish – What is a future book release you wish you could read now?
This has to be either Loveless by Alice Oseman or Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas. I adore both of them and love their work greatly. They both write fantastic characters, brilliant stories and the books are super diverse. What more could you want?

Timmy & Tommy – What is your favourite sibling relationship in a book?
This is so hard because I love so many sibling relationships! I’m also going to cheat here – I know Harry and Hermione aren’t siblings however they have a sibling-like relationship that I love with my whole heart. From Philosopher’s Stone I felt like they had found a sibling in each other and were then like brother and sister throughout the rest of the series. It kind of feels like a found family to me and I love it.

The Easter Bunny – A popular book character that you’re not a big fan of
Sorry to jump straight back into Harry Potter characters but it has to be Neville Longbottom. I understand why people love him but he just isn’t really for me. I don’t get the hype and the kind of cult following he has gained amongst Harry Potter fans!

Nook’s Loans – An author you’d give all your money to
I have a few too many of these but I’m going to give you three! Angie Thomas, Alice Oseman and Akemi Dawn Bowman. They are wonderful authors with books that are important, funny, sad, diverse, hopeful – everything all at once. I have fallen in love with the works of these three authors and I will always buy their books. 

The Sisters Able – What is your favourite fictional family (found or otherwise)?
Though a very small family, Percy Jackson and his mum are probably my favourite. They have the sweetest relationship and I adore how much Percy loves and respects his mum. I also love Percy’s found family at Camp Half Blood – he finds a whole new bunch of people who understand him and accept him like no one else ever has.

It’s a C+  – What is a book trope you don’t like that keeps popping up?
I have the biggest issue with the enemies to lovers trope. I’ve never been a fan and I can’t think of an example where I have ever liked it. I think I actively avoid this trope because I hate it so much, especially when it’s done badly and people go instantly from trying to kill each other to trying to kiss each other.

The Wandering Camel – What is your favourite book set in a land far away from yours?
Potentially Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak which is set mainly in Australia (so literally halfway across the world from the UK). I didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did but the story of the Dunbar boys completely stole my heart. I love the writing style of Zusak and adored the characters and their relationships.

What Would Dodos Do?  – A fictional land you wish you could fly away to at any moment?
Either the Wizarding World or the world of Percy Jackson. I’d love to go to Hogwarts and walk around Hogsmeade, immersing myself in a magical place. I’d also love to visit Camp Half Blood and see all the cabins of the Gods and Goddesses and be surrounded by all things Greek Mythology.

I tag my pals Lois, Charlotte and Jaz. I also tag anyone who loves Animal Crossing and wants to give this a go!

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