The Shelf Help Readathon Begins!

Readathon HeaderIf you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably seen us post a lot about the Shelf Help Readathon which we are co-hosting with Sharn and Jaz. Well, that little readathon starts TODAY and is happening until midnight on 31 May! We are so excited to begin and thought we would give a little reminder in this post of what is going on.

The Shelf Help Readathon is all about finally reading some of those books that we have been leaving unread on our shelves for way too long. We will also be posting little self care prompts throughout the two weeks as we also want to focus on being kind to yourself.


Anyone can join the Readathon at any point. If you want to join in the last couple of days, you can. We don’t want anyone to feel pressured to read all the books – if you can only read one, that’s fine! It isn’t a competition. We just want to finally read some books that we have been ignoring for much too long!

If you want to catch up on our previous posts about the readathon you can do so at the below links:

The response we have had so far has been truly wonderful! This is the first readathon Sarah and I have ever hosted so it is super exciting to see people getting involved and tagging us in their TBRs. Please keep tagging us in your posts on social media – we honestly love going through and seeing them all.

Let us know in the comments if you will be joining! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with how we are doing with the readathon.

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