Studytube Appreciation

Chat HeaderOver the past few months, I’ve found myself falling into a new interest in the form of Studytube. I’ve shocked myself as I’ve never been someone who subscribes to YouTubers or even watches them regularly. I watch a few Booktube videos every now and then but I’m not great at keeping up with them and it’s not very often I watch them as they are posted. Finding Studytube has been a slight revelation for me and has inspired me greatly learn new things and discovering new projects to work on.

If you’re unfamiliar, Studytube is basically a part of YouTube where students (mainly at college or university) post anything and everything about their studies. It could be about their subjects, about their daily routine, about their university – basically anything! I find it super interesting and also very motivating! Though I don’t want to go back to university or any formal education setting again, I do want to learn new things and research off my own back. I’ll link to my favourite Studytubers at the bottom of this post so you can check them out if you like!

I wish I would have had/found these types of videos when I was at college and University. They would have really helped me with motivation and I would have learned so many useful tips for studying. The great thing about it is none of the ones I’ve watched ever believe their way is the right way or the only way. They recommend other Studytubers to watch and the methods they use as they might be more helpful to some viewers. It seems like a really supportive and wonderful community, not pressuring people to devote their life to studying and actively promote the importance of self care and looking after yourself.

I felt a bit odd that I found these videos so interesting when I graduated almost 4 years ago now but I love learning so much that they just inspire me! I spoke to Jaz from TravelsInFiction about this recently as she is also a big fan of Studytube and we realised we just loved the videos so much because we want to be doing projects – just not essays set by institutions! In terms of motivation, I’ve started watching ones in the morning as I write my daily to-do lists (as well as what I call my ‘to-don’t list’ where I put things I don’t have time to do and it helps ease my unhelpful and unwarranted guilt!) as it gives me a little boost for the day ahead. Though some of the Studytubers I watch do so much with their day, I don’t feel at all bad about myself for not doing as much as them.

I also adore the study with me videos many of them make. I particularly like Ruby Granger’s and Unjaded Jade’s study with me videos – they often post ones which are between 1-2 hours long. These are so brilliant to put on in the background whilst I do other tasks like writing blog posts, planning my week, reading, researching etc. I’m quite a social person and like working with/around other people. At Uni, I would sit in my friend’s room and we would both work on our essays whilst in each other’s company. It’s a nice, calming atmosphere and also prevents you from procrastinating! The study with me videos help me with this as even though I know there isn’t another person there, I am less likely to go and procrastinate or get distracted because it feels like someone else is working alongside me.

The Studytuber’s I’m currently loving videos from are:

Let me know if you have any Studytuber recommendations!

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