What I’ve Been Doing in Lock Down

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I’ve officially been in my house for over a month now, as i hope most of us have been. It’s a weird feeling, and not something you can really describe. But we’ve all had a little bit more time to be getting on with things, so i wanted to let you know what i’ve been up to!

For quite a lot of the U.K. lockdown, i have been working. Either from home or socially distancing in the office. I’ve now been furloughed, which means i have so much more time on my hands than i usually do. We’ve all been trying to keep busy and keep our minds of whatever is going on, and i’ve been trying my best to avoid social media and the news as much as possible. Honestly it’s a good job i’ve been a book horder the last few years because i have plenty of entertainment.

The main thing i’ve been doing a lot of is reading, no surprises there. At first i thought i’d have no interest in books, and i definitely have days where i don’t want to read a single page. However in the last month my reading productivity has gone right up. I’m really enjoying getting in to books that i don’t usually have the time for.

That goes hand in hand with blogging actually. I’ve had such a spurt of productivity with the blog in the last couple of weeks. I started a new job about eight months ago now, and it took a lot of my blogging time away. Which is a good thing for my career and a bad thing for blog content! I’ve had a burst of ideas for what to post, and a need to write everything recently. Also with our new blog designs it’s made it a lost easier to want to come back here every day and write something new.

Something else i’ve been doing a lot of is watching series and YouTube. I usually hardly ever watch anything day to day, and maybe have an hour of TV time in the day. But i’ve had a lot of chance to catch up with some great series that i’ve wanted to watch for a while. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Netflix watching The Tiger King, Dark Tourist and documentaries such as Circus For Books (all of these i would highly recommend). I’ve also wiped all my watch list on YouTube which makes me incredibly happy. I’ve been focusing on a lot of BookTubers because, you know, i’ve been enjoying reading.

One thing i didn’t think i’d want to do whilst being at home was to clean and tidy, however i’ve got some donate piles ready to go to charity when it’s safe to. I even have quite a sizable book unhaul, which really in thought would never happen.

That’s what i’ve been up to so far in lock down, that and a couple of 1,000 piece puzzles and a whole bunch of Crash Bandicoot (I panicked and bought a Switch, like i feel most people have right now). It’s not much, but i feel like i’m achieving small amounts, which is keeping me productive.

What have you been doing in lock down?

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3 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing in Lock Down

  1. I’m working from for about 2 months now. Between home, work and kids I didn’t think I’ll have much free time but I actually do. So, like yourself, my books keep me company every time I get the chance. I read so much lately and I’m really enjoying it. I also started paint with diamonds which is fun, I’m almost done my first painting which is the rose from Beauty and the Beast. That’s about it, I’m waiting inside for this craziness to pass and I hope it will pass soon.


    1. Omgosh, I didn’t read my comment and I see some mistakes. Sorry about that. So…I’m working from home…😊


  2. I started with daily walks and a cross stitch kit. Then we moved and I got a job & we went through a phase of jigsaws (mostly 1000 piece, 2000 pieces is too many to be sorting and handling), & now it’s audiobooks & Gloomhaven (an epic board game).


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