Shelf Help Readathon

Readathon HeaderWe’ve teamed up with two of our pals to bring you the Shelf Help Readathon this May! As we’re all stuck in doors and starting at the books that we still haven’t read more, the Shelf Help Readathon is here to help you tackle those old TBR piles!


The Shelf Help Readathon is going to focus on helping your shelves and yourselves. We want everyone to feel productive, lost in a new world, happy, relaxed and anything else you want to be at the moment. It’s as much selfcare as you can possibly undertake whilst reading. That’s why we’ve set this event for two weeks to give you plenty of time to complete the challenges that you want to!

The Readathon will take place on the 16th of May to the 30th of May 2020 (midnight to midnight in your timezone). That’s two whole weeks to complete five challenges that we have set. Or one, or two, or four of the challenges, even none if there’s something you want to read that doesn’t fit in! 0ef9820f-1736-4fab-ab99-5cdc1f185288

We’ve focused the challenges on reading books that have been on your TBR for a long time. The five challenges are:

  • The Book That Keeps Surviving –  Read a book that keeps making it out of the donate pile. We all have those books that when we’re unhauling they barely make the cut to stay on the shelf. Here’s your chance to read that book and truly decide if it’s staying or going!
  • Did I Actually Want To Read This? – Read a Book That Has Been on your TBR the Longest. The first book you remember buying as a blogger that you still haven’t read? This is the time for you to read it.
  • Cover Buy – Read a Book you Bought for the Cover. We are all guilty of cover buying, and then putting off reading the book because we don’t actually know what it’s about. Pick up one of those books for this challenge.
  • Second Chance – Read a book that you started but never finished. Not all of us are DNFing books and saying ‘I’ll get around to that later’ but a lot of us are. If you’re one of those people, pick that book up again and give it a second chance.
  • Small Read –  Read the shortest book on your TBR. This one explains itself. Pick out the shortest book you’ve not read on your TBR.

We hope you join in with us, Sharn and Jaz and beat some of your back list in the next couple of weeks! The hashtag for all socials is #ShelfHelp

The Shelf Help Readathon starts on the 16th of May, so get your TBR piles ready and let us know what you’re reading!

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