Our New Design!

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We’ve had a makeover! The blog, not us – we look very much the same. Our amazing best friend Lois from LoisReadsBooks has designed us a whole new look that we absolutely adore! This is basically just a little update post from us to say ‘Hey check out our new look!’ and to tell you to go check out Lois’ blog because she is very talented and works harder than anyone we know.

We love our new theme so much. We’ve had our blog for almost 5 years now and haven’t changed the theme since then so it was well needed! If you follow us on Twitter you may notice that we use the star and sunflower emojis at the end of our tweets to identify who wrote it. Star = Sarah, Sunflower = Sophie. We decided to use these identifiers to influence our new theme as they suit us so well. The designs Lois came up with fit our vibe really well!

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She even added little rainbow details on the book spines because of our LGBTQ+ Book Club!

We have updated our About Us page if you fancy reading a little about the two of us as well as adding a new Disclaimers & Policies page which contains info about our reviews and ratings system amongst other useful bits . As always check our LGBTQ+ Book Club page to find out the latest Book Club info and if you want to get in touch, all details are on our Contact Us page!

We are also going to be taking part in BEDM – Blog Every Day in May so you can enjoy lots of new content along with our new theme. Keep an eye out for our posts!

Again, a huge thank you to Lois for all these wonderful graphics. She is truly the best friend we could ever ask for.

Let us know what you think of our new design!

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