My Favourite Places to Read

Chat HeaderWith everything going on at the minute, I’ve found myself picking up on things I’ve been missing recently, one of which is a simple luxury of reading in different places! I thought I’d write a post about my favourite little spots to read, both very specific places and more general. I’ve always been someone who likes to change up their setting a lot (at university, I used to jump between studying in my bedroom, my friend’s room, our kitchen and the uni library) and lockdown has made me even more aware of this.

In Bed
First off is a classic place to read that the majority of people also love – your own bed! There is nothing cosier than snuggling up under blankets or a duvet with a good book. I will do this at any time of day, I just have to be careful I’m not tired at all or else I will take an involuntary nap! In the last few weeks I have really taken to reading for about an hour before I sleep so I normally light a nice scented candle and get comfy under my duvet with my current read.



In Cafes
There’s something about the chilled background noise of chatter in a cafe that I love when I’m reading. I do have preferred cafes but as long as there is a decently comfy chair free and the place isn’t super loud, I’m happy to read in any. It’s really nice to treat yourself to a drink, maybe some cake, and just zone out for a little while. I love doing this alone or with others. Sarah and I often read in cafes together, often with Lois and Charlotte when we get to see her! My girlfriend and I also got into a habit of this a while ago. It’s a really chill way to spend time together if you aren’t feeling chatty but do want company.

On Train Journeys
I love a train journey and I’m saying this completely without irony. A lone train journey is one of my favourite things – I always take a notebook, my iPad and a book so I can swap between the three. I write blog posts, to-do lists, watch films/tv shows and, of course, read a book. There’s something so satisfying about reading a good chunk of your book whilst travelling somewhere. I find it really grounding and relaxing and will forever love it. 

93914702_253275712523493_4606326363098447872_nSlightly less popular one here – I often find the opinion is quite divided on reading outside! I’m not a fan of bugs at all so I used to hate this however over the past few years I’ve developed a love for lying on a blanket on the grass in my back garden when it’s nice outside. I’ve also done it a few times in parks or woods when I’ve been out with friends, sitting on a nice patch of grass or against a tree and reading together. I’m trying to kick my dislike of bugs in the butt so that I can do this more (I’m doing pretty well so far!).


My Favourite Chair at Home!

Super specific but at my house we have a super comfy loveseat in the conservatory and it is my ultimate happy place to just sit and read. There’s a lot of natural light in there too so even if it’s raining outside it’s nice to sit in there and still be able to feel like you’re not holed up indoors. It’s honestly one of my favourite parts of my house and I feel so calm and tranquil there.

Where are some of your favourite places to read? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Places to Read

  1. I LOVE reading in my garden when it’s sunny, but when it’s cold I have a reading comfy chair that is my favourite. I also like reading in cafes but that isn’t something I have time for too often. And of course, bed is always good 🙂
    Great list! Mine would be very similar.


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