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I’ve done this before where i’ve written up all my graphic novel reviews in to one burst of a blog post to save ten posts littering your feeds, just of graphic novels i’ve read. Get ready for another post exactly the same as the first with different books!

I spent a lot of my december reading graphic novels and manga. I wanted to catch up on some reads that i’ve wanted to read for a while, and i had a lot checked out from the library to get through. I’ll give a little bit of a review of each one, most of these are quite well known graphic novels, so it always seems silly to write full reviews of them considering they’re so loved. I did however, really enjoy all of these books!

The Bad Doctor by Ian Williams
I’d first heard of The Bad Doctor some time ago in passing, and it had never crossed my mind again until one of my friends was reading it. As i’ve mentioned before, i have quite an interest in medical fiction/graphic novels. I don’t know why, and i don’t go to indepth but anything about a doctor is my jam. This follows a doctor and his life as he goes about diagnoising patients, living his home life and has a wonderfully simplistic art style to go along with it. I love those kind of graphic novels where the art lets the story speak for itself. The story was pretty average, and it was a very fast and relaxed read. It doesn’t contain anything too graphic either so it’s an all rounder for anyone that likes a contemporary graphic novel!


3 three Stars

The Lady Doctor by Ian Williams
I followed on from The Bad Doctor with The Lady Doctor, also written by Ian Williams. I wasn’t sure i’d love it after his first book was a three star read for me, but i loved the art style enough to give it a go. This graphic novel follows a female doctor, and focuses more on her home life of her mothers illness and family friends passing away, it highlights grief and how to deal with that when you’re a doctor. I enjoyed the story of this and how much the stress of a doctors life was shown. I definitely preferred this to The Bad Doctor, but the art styles were perfect in each.

Rating: 3 three Stars

Blankets by Craig Thompson
Blankets was the oldest book on my wishlist. I’d put off buying it for so long because of the price, and i finally borrowed it from the library. I’m so glad i did because i loved this suprisingly dark tale. It’s somewhat of a memoir about a boy that grew up with abuse, and a brother he cared about a lot. This lead him to university and growing up and coming to terms with what had happened to him and the relationships he had whilst dealing with that. I absolutely adored the art style, the message that this book gave and how gently everything was dealt with. It’s a chunky book, but goes by incredibly fast.

Rating: 4 four Stars

Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley
One of the most famous graphic novels i’ve been putting off reading is Seconds. Honestly i had very little clue what it was actually about and i hadn’t bothered to check, i just knew it was so popular i wanted to read it. It wasn’t what i expected. I figured this book was based on space. It was not. Seconds is based around the idea of time travel, changing your past and future, all within a pretty cool restaurant that our main character works in. I really adored the setting of this graphic novel in a rustic old restaurant with a whole mix of characters. There’s also some really cute friendships in here, which is the way to my heart! I sped through this, and think i’m going to need to get my hands on a copy of my own because the art style is incredibly stunning. It’s something i could read over and over.

Rating: 4 four Stars

Those are my latest graphic novel reads. I’ve really enjoyed getting more in to graphic novels this year, and broadening that stride of my reading. There are so many cool stories in that format that i never expected. I want to read more in 2020, so if you have any recommendations, please leave them below in the comments!

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