February 2020 Wrap-Up

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I’ve had two whole months of reading time this year, and i cannot believe how much i’ve actually read in February. It’s been a really fun reading month with loads of books that i loved. I want to talk about the last 9 books i read with all of you!

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
This was the first book that i finished in February. I re-read The Fault In Our Stars for a read-athon based on re-reading your favourite book. I realised i hadn’t re-read it in a little while, and honestly as cheesy and truly awful this book is i will always go back to it as a story i’m in love with and characters i adore. I filled up my book this time with tabs too which made me happy. Apparently i’m still as in love with this book at 25 as i was as a teenager.

Girl Man’s Up by M.E. Girard
Girl Man’s Up was our book club pick for January. It’s about a girl that struggles with her sexuality and gender as she’s trying to figure out what the hell is happening to her friendship group as a teenager. I think it hit hard about looking different or looking different from gender norms, and it definitely had a really good message. I’m not sure i adored it as much as i thought i would, but i still loved the story idea and some of the characters were incredibly written.

Noughts & Crosses: Graphic Novel by Malorie Blackman
I’ve wanted to know the story of Noughts & Crosses for a long time now, and with it being one of Sophie’s favourite books i felt as though i had to at least know what was going on. I decided to pick up the graphic novel as a taster in to the world and the characters. I really enjoyed the graphic novel, however i think i’ll still need to read the novels at some point to flesh out the story.

The Colour Purple by Alice Walker
I then moved on to our book club read for February, which was The Colour Purple. We chose this classic prize winner for a change of pace and tone. I went in to this book knowing very little about it, and that’s how i advise everyone to learn this story. It’s incredibly easy to read, with short chapters and the most important story. It has many triggers that you can find on Google, and it’s defintely a book for an adult audience. I ended up loving the characters so much more than i thought i would and admittedly this book has stayed with me since i read it.

Heartstopper Vol 3 by Alice Oseman
Obviously i couldn’t leave it too late to read the latest installment in the Heartstopper series. I love this adorable series so much, and they’re graphic novels that you can flick back through whenever you want and just pick up the story. Volume three definitely hit harder than the other two, but i really enjoyed the progression of this story. There is more of a feel for the side characters too which i really loved.

The New David Espinoza by Fred Aceves
Thank you to Harper for sending me a copy of The New David Espinoza for review. I didn’t know what to think of this story going in. It has the main story-line of steroid abuse and male disphoria disorders. It’s incredibly interesting and something that definitely needs to be spoke about more often in YA novels. The fact that a male was struggling with disphoria or anything along those lines was a shock to me in a novel, just because it’s hardly mentioned. But the topic was covered with sensitivity whilst still exposing the truth about steroids.

Saga Vol 2 & 3 by Brian K Vaughan
I’m going to talk about the two volumes of Saga i read togther, as i read them just a few days a part this month. I’m still not sure how i’m feeling about this series. There are some aspects to the story-line that i am really enjoying, and i think are really great. However there are some small parts to this series that i’m struggling to find okay. It’s hard to discuss it if you haven’t read Saga, but there are just some writing choices or story-line choices that really don’t need to be in it for me.

Nothing Ever Happens Here by Sarah Hagger-Holt
Thank you to Usborne for sending me a copy of Nothing Ever Happens Here for review. I saw the hype around this book online, and i got really excited about the idea of a trans middle-grade novel. I feel like this is something that’s hardly ever covered, and when it has been i’ve loved the stories and simplicity of it when put to a younger age range. Nothing Ever Happens Here takes place in a small village where a family and getting used to the idea of their dad being trans. As you’d imagine, plenty of people in their small English village don’t take the news incredibly well, but we get to hear the story of Izzy and her siblings as they come to terms with the news. I absolutely adored this book and ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting. It’s lovely and has the most wonderful characters.

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Books read: 9

Books read this year: 14

Pages read: 2,479

Pages Per Day: 85

Average Rating: 3.5

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