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I’ve fallen in love with writing these posts, highlighting a book shop that i have fallen in love with, and want to share more of. In my last post, i talked about The Portal Book Shop, an LGBTQ+ book shop that i found in York on my travels. Today i wanted to talk about a lovely little place that i found somewhere i know pretty well.

The small village of Holmfirth is in Yorkshire, and is a village that me and my family visit fequently. There is a handful of charity shops, a bakery and a pub, and it makes for a pretty cute few hours out with a long drive over the moors. Not much ever changes in this place. You could write a book about how mundane life seems to be there. Hardly changing cafes, the peak excitement is a new charity shop opening.

When i visited over Christmas, i noticed a cute little bookshop had opened up on the main street, up a little flight of steps, and i admittedly screamed out of the car that there’s a new book shop and then ran right for it.

The little place is called Read and is wonderfully branded outside and inside the shop. It’s two small rooms of brand new books, some signed, hardback and paperback of all genres. I completely fell in love with the place!

As you can imagine, there isn’t a whole bunch of stock to choose from. The middle-grade and childrens section was crammed full with plenty of great books, and the fiction section was plentiful. It was great for a good browse. They sell a lot of little bookish things that you can enjoy from there too. Plenty of pins, bookish postcards and tote bags all around the till and walls. It felt like a little treasure trove.

The place was incredibly clean and neat, and it felt incredibly homely. I absolutely adored the atmosphere. There was a little cute reading area on the floor with cushions in the children’s area, it was absolutely perfect!

One thing i really appreciated was the entire room dedicated to children’s books. It covered about half of the shop, from picture books right up to young adult novels, and it was so nice to see how important children’s books are to the sellers.

This place is independant, small and definitely worth your time. There are events hosted there, including book groups, which is so lovely for such a small business. It was absolutely lovely to visit and is somewhere that i definitely want to keep going to.

You can check out their website HERE.

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