January 2020 Wrap-Up

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I cannot believe the first month of 2020 is over, and at the same time it felt like the longest month of my entire life. I wanted to start my 2020 off with a good reading month, and i think i acheieved as much as i thought i would do!

I read five books in total in January, and considering it’s an incredibly busy month in my job and i’ve had a lot going on, i’ve done pretty well with reading! I’ve been very inspired to read in the last few weeks, and it’s so nice to look at my books and want to read everything all of the time.

Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata
This was my first read of the year as i wanted something quick and fun. I picked up Convenience Store Woman whilst in Brussels last year, and have wanted to read it for a very long time. The story is very strange, something that i wasn’t expecting, but the characters are incredibly fleshed out and were a lot of fun. It’s something that i feel like i could read over and over again, and genuinely really enjoyed it!

Not So Pure And Simple by Lamar Giles
(This book was gifted by the publisher) I didn’t know what to think of this book during most of it. I found it quite brash, harsh and i couldn’t stand any of the characters. There definitely were some strange feminist messages, and some points that i just couldn’t agree with. However, i ended up loving this book so much more than i thought i would. The ending was great, and i appreciated how everything wrapped up. I have a full review on Not So Pure and Simple HERE.

Amal Unbound by Aisha Saeed
I’ve had Amal Unbound on my TBR for a very long time, and when i realised that i’d be going to an event with Aisha next month, i wanted to read one of her books first! This is a middle-grade novel about a girl who is sold on to a family to be their maid. It covers all emotions, all areas, discusses topics that many are afraid to do and is beautifully written. I absolutely adored this book, and again is probably another on the i could read continously.

Saga Vol 1 by Brain K Vaughan
I’ve also had Saga on my TBR for a long time, and i’m not really sure what was putting me off picking it up. I agreed to co-read it with someone, so i pushed myself to read it. I cannot say i’m thrilled with this series. Whereas i think the story-line is interesting and the characters are really well written, i didn’t like some of the direction that the story went in. There were some questionable things for me that weren’t necessary, and it put me off the story a little bit.

We Used To Be Friends by Amy Spalding
(This book was gifted by the publisher) I’ve wanted to read an Amy Spalding book for the longest time, and when i found out her book was a little bit gay and about two friends, i jumped at the chance to read it. I liked the characters in this story, especially James, i thought she was really well rounded and what i wanted from a teenage character. The story is duel perspective, which i didn’t mind so much and enjoyed the change up often. However it also flitted between time lines, and i never really got the hang of where the story was up to!

Those are all the books that i read this month, i hope next month is slightly better, but i’m really happy with what i’ve done, and the books i’ve read. I have high hopes that this year will be a great reading year for me!

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Books read: 5

Books read this year: 5

Pages read: 1,363

Pages Per Day: 44

Average Rating: 3

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