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It’s been a while since i’ve done a tag for the blog, and the wonderful Charlotte from Wonderfully Bookish (she’s my best pal but also wonderful), tagged me in this over on her YouTube channel. I’m not going to be doing any other kind of new year post (apart from my wrap-up of 2019, i’m incredibly late i know), so let the tag commence!

1) Do you do the goodreads challenge? If so what is your goal for 2020?
I do take part in the Goodreads challenge every year. The first couple of years, i set myself targets of around fifty books to see if i would hit it. Over the last two years or so i’ve found it a huge put off to be reading to a target. So last year i set my goal to thirty, something i knew i would achieve, i can be happy i’ve done it and just use it as something to track what i’ve been reading. I really liked the way this played out in 2019, so i’ve set my goal for 2020 as thirty books again. If i don’t hit it, that’s a super poor effort from me!

2) What are some other reading goals/challenges you’re setting yourself?
I told myself that 2020 was the year of no reading goals or challenges. I have things i’d like to do. I’d like to read some different genres. I’d like to be more involved with upcoming releases, i’d like to read more from my backlist. Realistically, i know setting those are challenges will freak me out and i’ll fail right away.

3) What is a reading habit you want to leave in 2019 and one you want to carry forward into 2020?
I want to get out of the habit of forcing myself to read books that i don’t want to read. I hardly ever DNF books, and when i do i feel so guilty about it. That’s definitely a habit i want to get out of. I was to carry on reading when i can. It seems like such a stupid simple thing, but i got in to the habit (slightly) of picking up a book instead of my phone in a spare ten minutes. I got so much more read! This is something i really want to carry in to 2020 with me.

4) Do you use any other method of tracking your reading other than goodreads?
Again, in previous years i’ve started to use other methods of tracking, but it just didn’t suit me. I like the ease of Goodreads. I’ve started to put less pressure on what i’m reading and when i’m reading it, so it’s fine for me to just tag a book as read and be done with it.

5) Did you get any books for the holidays you want to prioritise in the new year?
In the last couple of years, the books i’ve receieved have become fewer as i’ve started to pick up more books each year for myself. However, Sophie gifted me a copy of Unfollow by Megan Phelps-Roper and i’m really excited to read it. It’s something that had been in the back of my mind that i’d wanted to read since its release, so to have a copy i don’t really have an excuse not to read it now!

6) What will be/was your first read of the new year and how did you decide?
I’ve already read my first read of the year, and it was The Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata. I honestly picked it out from a pile of books that i’ve had sitting there since May, it’s short, i only had two days until i went back to work. Seemed perfect! I ended up really loving it.

7) Are there any series you want to continue or finish this year?
I haven’t invested much of my time in to series in 2019, or ever in my life if i’m completely honest. I’d really like to read Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes, if that counts as a series continuation.

8) Whose content are you most excited to watch going into the new year?
I rarely talk about who i watch on YouTube, so instead of adjusting this to blogging, i wanted to share some BookTubers that i absolutely adore. I’m really excited for more content from BooksandLaLa, and WhittyNovels. These two have been my favourite people to watch for years, so i’m always eager for them to release any new and exciting content. I’m also really excited to see how my friends grow their channels. Charlotte fromWonderfully Bookishrecently started a YouTube channel, and so did Jaz from Travels In Fiction. I love their content a lot, and i want to see what they evolve in to creating!

9) Are there any readathons you’re anticipating/want to participate in?
There aren’t any readathons that i know i’m already going to participate in, however i’m really open this year to readathons and such events. I want to do more 24 hour readathons for myself more than anything. If you have any you really recommend then let me know in the comments! I have my eye on buzzwordathon so far.

10) What 2020 debut novels are you looking forward to?
There are some absolutely incredible books being released in 2020 by debut authors, and i’m so excited about so many of them. To name a few, here’s a little list of books that i’m watching:

  • All Your Twisted Secrets by Diana Urban
  • If You Only Knew by Prerna Pickett
  • The Gravity Of Us by Phil Stamper
  • Unscripted by Nicole Kronzer

That’s literally just four of a good fifty i have my eye on for this year. I’m so excited about upcoming releases, i cannot forget to keep an eye on the books that are on my backlist…

And we’re done, thanks for reading a stupidly long post, you are the most patient readers. I don’t think i’ll be doing any more upcoming year posts, i really want to enjoy my reading in 2020, and not worry about goals or targets i’d set myself for no reason at all!

This tag was created by the absolutely incredible Lily from Lily Eleanor Reads and Cerys from Browsing For Books. 

I tag my blog partner Sophie, Lydia from Silver Wolf Reads and Amy from Amy Jane Reads.

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