Podcast Series: Best Girl Grip

Podcast Series HeaderOver the past year I’ve gotten really into podcasts, something I never thought I’d be a fan of but I’ve found quite a few that I love. I’ve uploaded a few posts about these and will continue to upload many more as I’m always finding new ones to enjoy and that I want to shout about. A few months ago, I came across a brilliant podcast named Best Girl Grip focused on women working in the British film industry which is something I’m just starting out in!

Best Girl Grip is a podcast from Nicole Davis who works in the British film industry. One of the main reasons I adore it is that it feels so accessible in terms of the advice and help you can get from it. So often in podcasts or interviews, I hear people much older and way more accomplished talking about how they got started and their first jobs in the industry. While that can be super interesting I rarely find it particularly helpful or even inspiring. I think this is usually because it feels so far away and things were so different back when they started compared to what it’s like today.

This has been mentioned a couple of times in the episodes I’ve listened to and I love that there’s a huge focus on supporting other women in the industry. It’s honest and most of the guests I’ve listened to (I’m about 8 episodes in) have said how they may be from a more privileged background which made some things easier or about certain setbacks because of who they are or where they are from etc. The guests are from such differing areas within the industry too, areas that aren’t often spoken about or seen as an achievable career. At the end of each episode, Nicole asks the guests if there are any women currently in the industry they admire and why as well as a recommendation of a film directed by a woman. Again, I enjoy that it focuses on a positive and spreading good words about other women and their work.

Best Girl Grip is probably one of the most uplifting podcasts I’ve ever listened to. It doesn’t make me feel bad for not currently being at some major high in my career. I’ve only just started freelancing at film festivals in the past few months and I’m currently between jobs but listening to this doesn’t make me jealous or feel bad because I’m not doing what these women are doing. I just feel genuinely empowered and inspired which is wonderful! It’s brought to my attention so many job roles I didn’t know about as well as interesting personal stories, inspirational women and some great women led film recommendations that I must get round to watching!

I’m super thankful for my first few jobs in film – I’ve met some amazing people who are supportive, positive influences in my life and I’m very grateful to know them. Many of these people are women and (not to be too cheesy) they are some of my biggest inspirations.

Are there any other podcasts you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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