All I Want To Read Is Rom-Coms

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I’ve hit quite the reading slump in the last month or so. With a mix of a new job, blog-tober and everything else, i think i had a severe lack in effort to read. I found that a lot of things weren’t making me happy to read too, which have led to some DNF’s that i never expected.

I’ve been trying different types of books that would intrigue me. Some sci-fi, horror and witchy books i’ve tried to capture my attention and none of it has worked. If i was in a better reading place, i’m sure these books would have caught my interest. But it’s resulted in a lot of temporary DNF’s.

I feel like i’m reverting back to wanting to only reading comteporary and rom-coms. I had a big chat with one of my bookish friends who has also been struggling to connect to anything that isn’t easy reading or fun. I have always loved contemporary, especially YA contemporary, but i have tried to avoid it so i could expand my reading horizons as such.

However, from now until i feel like a change, lets face it, who knows how long it’ll be, i think i’ll stick to some cute rom-coms with cute boys, sweet relationships and maybe some enemies to lovers. I have a little list of books that i would like to get to this year that sound like very cute rom-coms.

  • Josh & Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating by Christian Lauren
  • The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary
  • Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams
  • Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

These are just a few books that i want to check out that i’ve heard are pretty cute and great reads. I want to read very cute boys and girls and really positive and happy books at the moment. I think before the end of the year i’m going to focus on some of these from my back-log whilst i’m enjoying this type of thing. It feels strange to hit a rom-com hype in any season but summer, that’s when i usually consume most of my cheesy books!

If you have any recommendations for some cute rom-coms then leave them in the comments below or send me a message on Twitter. I’m willing to check out pretty much anything, and admittedly this post was more for me to get some recommendations from you lot! I’m currently reading My Favourite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren and absolutely loving it!

Alternatively, if you think there’s any book that might be able to pull me from a little bit of a slump, leave that in the comments too!

Have you been feeling a certain genre over everything else at the moment?

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One thought on “All I Want To Read Is Rom-Coms

  1. I just read Well Met and it was fantastic! Also, The Friend Zone. But really Red White and Royal Blue is EVERYTHING – if it doesn’t help you, I don’t know what might (though it may throw you back into a slump after because nothing will match up…). Good luck!


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