November 2019 Wrap-Up

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Shock horror, the last two posts i’ve uploaded have been wrap-ups. If that doesn’t prove how little spare time i have had i don’t know what will. As i’ve said before, my new job is taking it out of me, and instead of blogging i’ve been actually reading. Hopefully this month i will pick back up blogging, i’ve really missed it. For now, here’s what a read in November.

Tunnel Of Bones by Victoria Schwab
I absolutely adored the first in this series, and i couldn’t wait to pick up the second in the autumnal weather where i could be cosy. I loved Tunnel Of Bones just as much as City Of Ghosts and thought it was one of the most perfect ways to add to the series. It’s such a wonderful story of friendship and coming together to beat something. I loved the characters and plot of this one, and i really am enjoying each book being set in a different city.

Three Things I Know Are True by Betty Culley
*This book was sent for review.
Once I was offered a copy of this verse book, i jumped at the chance of reading it after reading the synopsis. I love verse novels and anything that involves a lot of family story-line makes me very content. This story wasn’t happy, at all really. It centres a boy who accidentally shot himself with his friends fathers gun, and his life after becoming unable to function. He couldn’t speak, move, or do anything really. Three Things… focused on his family life and how his sister and mother were dealing with the trial in order to win his case for support money. I thought this story was incredibly honest and real. I did enjoy the little medical additions, or the brake down of how much it will cost him to live for the rest of his life. I’m really glad i got to read this before it’s release.

My Favourite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren
I was really in the mood for something simple and easy to read, a rom-com that i could breeze through. Naturally i reached for Christina Lauren. My Favourite Half-Night Stand is about a friendship group that work in the same science centre of a university, and how the only female in the group starts to fall for one of her male friends. It’s cheesy, incredibly straight with pretty much no representation, but i breezed through it and squealed at all the right adorable moments. I never find there’s any stand out points in books like this, but i always have an absolute blast reading them.

Giant Days Vol 3 by John Allison
It’s been a while since i dug my teeth in to a Giant Days volume, i figured now i bought myself an excessive amount of them, i should start making my way through them. I love the characters in this story, and find myself being drawn to them, even if i don’t really remember what happened in the last volume to continue on. They’re addicting. I also find the art style incredibly easy to read through. It’s simple and lovely, and i just cannot get enough of this series. I think i’ll read through a few more before making it on to Non Pratt’s novelisation (finally).

The Music Of What Happens by Bill Konigsberg
I have had my eye on this book for some time now, and it finally became available through my library on audio book. It’s such a wonderfully pure book and made me incredibly happy. It has big vibes of Aristotle & Dante, the characters are wonderfully similar and the same family vibes are present. I loved the characters and their dynamic with each other. There was a lot of character growth in quite a small book which i really appreciated. I could talk about this book forever i think, it’s adorable and cute with a wonderful story-line and some really important topics being discussed. I would also highly recommend the audio book!

The Little Prince by Antonie de Saint-Exupery
It’s been on my mind for a while that i should read The Little Prince, and once i finished The Music Of What Happens i jumped on the audio book of The Little Prince right away. Although i enjoyed this book, i think it would have enjoyed it a lot more to actually, physically read a copy of it with the full illustrations. It’s a lovely and pure story about growing up and i can see why it is so incredibly popular.

The Night-Shift Before Christmas by Adam Kay
I started off my year by listening to Adam Kay’s book, and i’m ending it with his latest. I absolutely adore his writing and the stories he tells about working on the front line of the NHS. Telling honest and real stories like this is eye-opening to people (like me) that don’t know much about the NHS or how nurses work. His latest book is a 135 page treat about his Christmas shifts on the NHS, with plenty of anecdotes and funny stories. It didn’t take me long to get through at all, and as the entire thing is written in diary entries, you constantly feel the need to carry on and carry on reading.

I feel like i still managed to have a pretty great reading month, despite all the work and obviously the before Christmas preparation. I want to start focusing on books that i really love and ones that i’m really interested in reading at the time. Hopefully my December reading time will be incredibly chilled and i will get plenty read!

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Books read: 7

Books read this year: 71

Pages read: 1,855

Pages Per Day: 62

Average Rating: 4

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