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It’s been an incredibly long time since i planned my venture in to the world of Carry On. I have been saying for years now i would be getting around to it in the next few months, maybe next month, maybe next Halloween… but no, it never happened. Then the fancy copies of Wayward Son were released and that was a kick up the bum to get reading!

I honestly had such low expectations. I read Fangirl in my final year of uni, which must have been around four years ago now, and i didn’t overly care for it, what i cared for even less was the Carry On side of the novel. I think i read the first couple of snippets of it and then skipped the rest. I wasn’t interested in the characters or plot and honestly found the writing incredibly drab.

It really put me off reading the book when it was released and i definitely wasn’t in the hype around it. But it kept getting bigger and bigger and i was intrigued but kept my distance. When one of my friends read Carry On and ADORED it, it made me think a little bit more about reading it. She talked so much and so openly about how much fun it was that i figured i should pick it up at some time. October 2019 was finally the month that i stepped in to the world of Simon and Baz.

If you didn’t know, Carry On is a complete spoof of Harry Potter, Simon is ‘the chosen one’ and has to defeat some kind of magic that is being cast over the magical world. The twist with this novel is that it’s wonderfully LGBTQ+. That’s the true selling point with Carry On, that it’s incredibly gay. It’s got all the cute, wonderful, fluffy bits of enemies to lovers that i challenge anyone not to enjoy. I honestly find them adorable and i want to see Simon and Baz live happily ever after.

There is also some pretty good (and cringy) comments towards the U.K, British culture, British places and that sort of thing. There is also a lot of mentions of English sayings which when you’re reading it ironically are absolutely hilarious. I couldn’t get over how funny i found some parts of this story, but then had it flipped with adorable scenes of cosy Christmases.

I cannot believe i ended up loving Carry On. I can barely fathom that i actually enjoyed this book. It took me a while to read, but i think that was more my work life getting in the way. I cannot wait to get around to Wayward Son which i’m hoping to start reading in November and not lose my train of thought with the world.

It’s been a long time since i read a cute and fluffy gay romance, and it just so happened that this one was set in a magical world with vampires and all kinds of creatures. It honestly had my entertained from the start and i feel like a big dummy for not reading it any sooner.

I finally feel like i’ve joined a secret club that everyone was taking about.

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