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Last year i started a ‘series’ (me posting whenever i feel like it about the same thing) all about bookish happiness and what bookish things have made me happy recently. My last post was a year ago, i cannot believe it was that long ago and i’m only just getting back in to writing these posts, but i feel like a happiness catch-up is in order for!

Obviously it’s been a year, so a whole lot has happened in regards to my bookish happiness and what has been making me happy! This could be quite the list but i’m going to try and cut it down and make it short! I’ve had plenty of bookish adventures in the last year, and a lot of exciting things have happened regarding the blog and my reading life!

Working Book Events
I’ve had the opportunity this year to be a little more involved with book events. I worked a little at NYALitFest earlier this year in March, and i adored it. Being involved in book events makes me so happy, it’s such a nice experience to be so involved with something you’re passionate about with people who are also incredibly passionate about that thing. I hope next year i can work on so many more events.

Bookish Friends
One huge bookish thing that makes me happy are my bookish friends. I’ve made so many of them in the last year or so and i feel like i’ve found the people that make me the happiest. I’ve gathered a close-knit group of bookish friends which are absolutely wonderful. It’s so lovely to be able to talk to any of these people about books and just go off on a rant about books without question.

Our Book Club
If you didn’t know (you should because we don’t stop talking about it) we have a book club. We have an LGBTQ+ book club that we host in Manchester once a month and we talk about everything LGBTQ+. It’s such an accepting and wonderful place to hang out with friends and not feel judged at all. We talk about loads of LGBTQ+ books and have an open space to talk about anything else you want to. It’s turned in to a friendship group that talks about books, and it’s so wonderful. Without a doubt my book club makes me so happy.

DNFing Books
I’ve become a lot happier recently about DNFing books when i’ve just not been feeling it. There have been a few books that i’ve not gotten in to or found really difficult to like, and i’ve overall been happier letting a book go if i just can’t deal with it. I’ve had a lot of issues about DNFing books, especially if they’ve been sent for review, but i’ve allowed myself to stop that, and honestly i feel happier about it.

Queer YA Content
Queer YA seems to keep getting better and better recently. I’ve read so many books in 2019 that i absolutely adore with Queer content, and the writing and topics of these books seems to keeps blowing me away. I have always loved LGBTQ+ books, and books with these themes, however more own voices are coming forward and telling their stories in fiction form. I have adored all the books with LGBTQ+ themes i’ve read this year. My big loves have been A Long Way To A Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers and Birthday by Meredith Russo.

It’s been a long time since i posted one of my bookish happiness posts, and i’ve enjoyed looking back at the things that have made me the happiest for a while in the bookish world. If you like these posts, let me know because i’d love to continue on with them.

What’s made you happy recently? Bookish or not.

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2 thoughts on “Bookish Happiness – Blogtober

  1. One of my favourite things right now is just being involved with books and working hard on all my stuff I’m doing. It’s hella hard work but I love doing it even if it can be tiring. And, of course, the bookish friends are great too! ❤


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