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What do you do when you’re in a slump?This seems ridiculous because I literally just posted about getting back into reading and how that was making me super happy! However I’ve hit a slump. This is half because of being busy and a little because of just not feeling anything in particular.

My biggest reason for not reading much at the moment is work. I’m working more now and I commute to and from which takes just over an hour so I feel like that’s a fair chunk of my day gone. I actually like commuting so it doesn’t bother me – however I get the coach now and I can’t read on drives! The plus side is I’ve started listening to more podcasts now which I’m really enjoying. So I’m not seeing it as a negative as such.

The festival I work at is on during November and I know this will mean reading time will be very slim! And that’s fine because I know this and that’s how life works of course! I will be doing other things I love and I’m super excited for the festival. I think it’s just that weird pressure I feel sometimes to read a lot of books all the time.

I think as book bloggers it’s a strange thing – of course it’s important for us to read. We blog about books…but it’s also not healthy to beat ourselves up about it if we are going through a slump or simply not feeling it/not having time for it! There’s pressure from each other to be reading a lot because we enjoy it but at the end of the day, we also all have other things going on in our lives.

I think it’s also fine to just…not want to read sometimes! I love watching films, writing, walking – so many other things that aren’t reading! They are hobbies which are just as important, I just don’t run a blog. I understand that reading is important for both my personal enjoyment and for blogging but at the end of the day, we should do things that we want to in our spare time and I don’t think we should feel bad if reading isn’t ticking our boxes all the time.

Do you have any thoughts on this? This post was a bit of a rambling one but it’s how I’ve been thinking and feeling!

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One thought on “It’s Okay to Not Be Reading Lots! – Blogtober

  1. I just got back into reading after taking a break. I relate so much to what you are saying! I love reading, but I put a lot of pressure on myself to always be reading. There are others things I love to do too and I don’t want to always neglect those things. I’ve been taking my time with books and reading when I want to and not always reading because I feel like I should.


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