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I’ve been reading a whole bunch of graphic novels at the moment, and also have a load of reviews to put up on the blog, so to save everyone’s time, i figured i’d merge some in to one. I’ve been storming through a couple of graphic novels that i’ve loved, so wanted to share those with you!

I found my stride with graphic novels i think. There are some which i’ve fallen in love with and i’ve found what i like and what i don’t. I very much prefer graphic novels in a contemporary style, with some fantastical elements to them. I think i’ve now found a couple that i absolutely adore.

Without me blabbering on about the style of graphic novels that i like, i’ll move on to telling you about what i’ve actually read recently…

The Magicians: Alice’s Story by Lev Grossman and Lilah Sturges
One of my friends forced this in to my hands a little while ago. She adores the book series and wanted me to jump on the bandwagon. I wanted to read the graphic novel and dip in to the story without starting a huge book series, so picked it up. I really loved the story and it took some turns that i definitely wasn’t expecting. There are some really great plot-lines to this story and the characters which pulled me in and got me interested even though i knew nothing about the series.

I loved the little bits of humour from the Harry Potter world which really felt like it was real and you were in the middle of the story. Without a doubt this has made me want to pick up the book series.

The Prince and The Dressmaker by Jen Wang
I’ve been meaning to pick up The Prince and The Dressmaker for a long time now, and i finally purchased it a little while ago, and admittedly read it right away. This is a middle-grade story about a Prince who sometimes likes to dress in dresses. It’s not said explicitly if they are trans, or just gender fluid but my best guess is gender fluid from the way that the story progressed. The story progresses through the Princes decision to enter competitions in a dress and ultimately hiding who they are. I really loved the way that this ended up and the close connection they had with their dressmaker.

It’s definitely a middle grade graphic novel, and one that i think is actually extremely progressive and useful for a younger generation right now. I also think it could be enjoyed by absolutely anyone. The story was incredibly cute and touching but it also has some incredible artwork with an excellent colour pallet.

Pumpkin Heads by Rainbow Rowell & Faith Erin Hicks
I’ve been waiting for the release of Pumpkin Heads for quite some time now, so i jumped at getting myself a copy when i found it in a book shop! It wasn’t just Rainbow Rowell’s name that drew me to this book, it’s the absolutely stunning art style from Faith that i adored. Everything seemed so colourful and inviting.

The story itself is a lot more cutesy than i thought it would be and that’s not something i’m overly mad about. I really love the story and all the sweetness of it. I chose to pick it up on a really cold and rainy night, which was absolutely perfect for this story. I loved reading through it and being cosy, it really is the perfect book for autumn. I also adored the characters in this. All of them are over exaggerated in the perfect kind of way, it was a really sweet read!

So there are the few graphic novels that i’ve read recently. It was so much easier to just write a few lines about each instead of launching in to a huge post about each one. I’ll probably end up talking about Pumpkin Heads a whole lot more in the future. I think it’s up there with my favourite graphic novels now.

Have you read any great graphic novels recently?

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