A Weekend Friend Trip Book Haul – Blogtober

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A little while ago, one of my best friends Charlotte came to stay with us to celebrate Lois’ birthday. It was a weekend of friends, food and book shopping, including a little bit of paint a pot, and it was absolutely lovely. I picked up a couple of books that weekend so figured it was worth a small haul.

We ended up in a couple of book shops, a graphic novel shop, a charity shop and also i got some ARCs gifted from a publisher in the same weekend. So after all that, i managed to pick up quite a few books in the end.

We all took a trip in to Manchester, which obviously involved a Waterstones, and also we popped in to Travelling Man, which is an excellent little comic book shop which has pretty much everything you could ask for in terms of comics and graphic novels. I’ve been really excited about reading graphic novels recently so i knew i wanted to pick up a couple.

There were also a few books that had been released that i was definitely excited to pick up. The books that i got whilst in some book shops were:

  • Carol by Patricia Highsmith
  • Slay by Brittney Morris
  • Who Put This Song On? by Morgan Parker
  • One Italian Summer by Keris Stainton
  • The Green Mile by Stephen King
  • My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing
  • Stargazing by Jen Wang
  • Moonstruck Volume 1 by Grace Ellis & Shae Beagle

Surprisingly, i’m really excited about My Lovely Wife. I’ve heard absolutely incredible things about the story-line and i think it will just be an excellent read. I’m also really excited about Slay, which feels like i’ve been waiting forever for it to come out now. I think it’s going to be something completely different and i’m excited to see what it will turn out like.

I also got a few lovely gifted packages from Harper. It was extremely kind of them to send me two books. One of which is Three Things I Know Are True by Betty Culley. This is a verse novel about a shooting, which sounds absolutely fantastic and incredibly dark. I’m really excited to get in to that one.

They kindly also sent to me Not So Pure and Simple by Lamar Giles which honestly had me hooked from the synopsis. It sounds so interesting and different that i think i’m going to have to pick this one up really soon.

I think my book shopping for the month might be done now. I have a few pre-orders coming in October, but as long as i don’t go out of my way to pick up any more books, my shelves and bank account will be good.

Have you got any new books recently?

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