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I thought September was going to be an excellent reading month for me, that did not happen. I have loads of books sitting and waiting on my TBR which i thought i’d have chance to get around to, but i’ve not truly had the time this month to read anything that wasn’t a whole bunch of graphic novels.

Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett
This is such an important book that i don’t think has as much pre-release hype that it should do. I adored the story line, the characters and the writing of this. It follows a young girl who is living with HIV, and trying to keep it hidden from the entire community. It’s incredibly powerful and something that definitely needs to be talked about more. My full review of Full Disclosure will be up soon!

The Places I’ve Cried In Public by Holly Bourne
The Places I’ve Cried In Public is a book that i’ve been excited for quite some time about. I’m very lucky to have received a gifted copy from Usborne so i could read it early. I cannot tell you how much i truly adored this new Holly Bourne. The characters were excellent, the plot was fast paced and wonderful and just everything about it made me really happy (and quite sad…it is Holly after all). I have a full chatty review up HERE.

The MagiciansAlice’s Story by Lev Grossman & Pius Bak
This is a story that i’ve been interested in for a while, so when one of my friends picked up the graphic novel, i had to read it before diving in to a large trilogy of the same sort of story. I really enjoyed the magic system in The Magicians, which isn’t usually something i enjoy after being so programmed to Harry Potter. The subtle jokes towards the Harry Potter universe also are incredibly funny. It was just a really fun story with absolutely incredible artwork!

The Prom by Saundra Mitchell
I was gifted a copy of The Prom from Pengiun. This is the novelisation of the musical, which i have not seen yet. It really helped to read this from an outsiders point of view where i could take it as it comes, and not worry about what’s happening to the characters when it’s so different from the original. I really liked the representation in this book and the relationships that the kids had with their families. I feel like it brought something new and realistic to LGBTQ+ YA fiction.

The Prince And The Dressmaker by Jen Wang
I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this graphic novel for a little while now, and as soon as i did i dove right in to it. I absolutely adore the art style to this book, and the story matches it in cuteness. It’s an incredibly easy book to get through, with the most wonderful cast of characters. Everything is in such detail and really understandable for a middle-grade audience. I’ve ran out to get more of Jen Wang’s books right after this.

Pumpkin Heads by Rainbow Rowell
Does it feel like we’ve been waiting years for this? When i finally picked it up i was a little underwhelmed due to the amount of time i’d been looking forward to it. That underwhelmed feeling stopped when i started to read it. I wasn’t expecting the story to be as adorable as it was, and have such fantastic representation. It’s a really easy read and perfect for autumnal days. I can’t say much else but this made me incredibly happy.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
I borrowed Speak the graphic novel from one of my friends, i haven’t read the novel it’s based on but i have been wanting to for quite some time. I figured i’d try the graphic novel first. I have very mixed feelings. In some ways, it’s great, in others, it lacked something and also was incredibly triggering for me in some parts. I almost DNF’d this a couple of times, and i’m not sure because of the triggering content or if i just didn’t like it.

Harley In The Sky by Akemi Dawn Bowman
I was lucky enough to get an extremely early manuscript of Harley In The Sky by Akemi. I have adored her previous books, and she’s solidly one of my favourite authors at this point. So to read this so early was excellent. I didn’t know what to expect, because her previous books are so incredibly filled with emotion but so very different. This one, was definitely different, and less filled with emotion, but it was touching and wonderful story. It follows Harley who wants nothing more but to perform in a circus. When her parents won’t allow her to train for their own circus she has to find another way to do so. My review will be up closer to the release date!

The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace 
This is a poetry collection that i’ve wanted to read for quite some time I borrowed all of Amanda’s books from a friend recently and will be working my way through them. I loved how raw and read The Princess Saves… was and i fell in love with the style of it. I’m really not in to poetry too much, i find it hard to get in to a lot of the time. But this one i absolutely devoured and loved. I cannot wait for the rest of the collection.

Okay, so i think i underestimated how much i actually read this month…until it was all written down. I did power through the last three books in the last few hours of the month, which bumped up my number a little. I had a really great reading month, with loads of books that i really enjoyed.

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Books read: 9

Books read this year: 58

Pages read: 2,556

Pages Per Day: 85

Average Rating: 3.5

Years of Release: 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020

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