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It’s official, if this post is out and on the blog, we have officially started Blogtober and have decided to stick at it for an entire month of blogging. A whole month is a lot to take on, so we hope you’ll stick with us for the next 31 days!

We are no stranger to a month-long blogging challenge. Every so often i honestly find it so refreshing and nice to do a post every single day for a month, i find that it truly revives my love for blogging and writing posts. The last one we did was back in May, and i truly did enjoy doing that. So i managed to persuade Sophie to get involved (we love a challenge) and we’re blogging every single day this month.

We have loads of things coming up, including plenty of reviews, some fun posts and maybe even a Q&A with myself and Sophie. We want to get involved with some tags and other things that might be floating around at the moment, so if you have any ideas, drop a message in the comments!

Honestly i absolutely adore doing these months on the blog, it makes me feel like a part of the community again if i’m having a little bit of a dip, so i definitely want to be a little more involved this time and if anyone has any ideas they want to share for the next month, please bring them forward!

Also if you’re doing Blogtober, leave us a message in the comments! We also want to check out as many bloggers as possible this month!

There’s plenty coming up, so please keep checking back every so often to see what we’ve uploaded and what we’re up to!

Happy reading, and blogging!

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