Alex In Wonderland by Simon James Green

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I adore Simon’s books and i’ve never been quiet about that online, or in person, basically i talk about Simon and his books an awful lot! When i found out that he was releasing a new YA novel that wasn’t in the Noah world, i was incredibly excited and had high hopes to see what his new characters would be like away from Noah, Harry and the old gang.

Alex In Wonderland follows Alex, who has taken a summer job in an arcade called Wonderland. From here he meets a whole host of friends, and begins the best summer of his life, finding a boyfriend, earning money and becoming an adult.

I didn’t know what to expect from Alex In Wonderland, as i’d grown so accustomed to Noah and his world that Simon has always wrote from. Noah has a very strong and distinct voice that makes his books so hilarious and wonderfully enticing. I’m really glad that Alex’s voice gave me the exact same excitement and love for his story. Alex is funny, and just a little bit tragic, but mostly just a teenage boy trying to get through his first summer job. It was definitely something that was relatable and quite nice to read about to be honest.

Again, Simon manages to knock it out of the park with his characters. All the cast of Alex were unique, easy to remember and really lovely characters to read about. Especially Alex’s new friendship group. They’re all incredibly different and it makes you want to slot yourself in to his friendship group. I can’t say i really connected to any of the characters but they were really fun to read about.

There are always a lot of funny moments in Simon’s books, Alex was absolutely no different. I laughed out loud at so many parts, irony, comedy moments and just absolutely tragic life moments. His writing is incredibly funny and i’m so glad that translated well to more novels than just Noah.

Without a doubt Alex does read a little young for YA, which is absolutely needed in the genre at the moment. I really appreciate this age range because it leave room for incredibly fun and dramatic books. However, there are definitely some adult themes in Alex and it’s incredibly enjoyable for all ages. I really love Simon’s books because they do read really fun, they’re so fast to get through!

If you’re in doubt about picking up Alex In Wonderland, do it, especially if you have loved any of Simon’s books previously. It’s a fun ride filled with wonderful characters and a story that will keep you fully entertained. I really loved reading Alex In Wonderland and it just makes me more excited for anything else that Simon releases.

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