A Fun Little LGBTQ+ Book Club Update!

LGBTQ+ Book Club HeaderWe talk about our book club a lot so if you’ve been following our blog or our social media accounts you probably already know about it. The next meet up of our LGBTQ+ Book Club is actually this evening – 7pm at Chapter One Books in Manchester. We have lot of fun things for book club today as well as this little announcement about how we are making it more accessible for those who want to join in but can’t make it in person.I was trying to think of ways of making our Book Club more available for those who want to join in with our chosen books but can’t make it. We don’t really use our Facebook much so a group didn’t make sense. We tried hashtags on Twitter when we originally started this as an online Book Club before we brought it out to the ‘real world’ but it didn’t work so well and was very split up and separated; it didn’t feel like a group thing.

We have now decided to go with using a Google Form each month! I’m super excited about this. This format makes the most sense because people who have attended Book Club and haven’t can all join in on it. We won’t be having online discussions (though feel free to message us on Instagram or Twitter with your thoughts on a book) but this will make our monthly Book Club update posts much better for everyone to join in on. Rather than me just taking notes and explaining what was said, we can have quotes from you all!

I’ll still take notes and write anything down of interest that happens at the Book Club but we can have opinions on the book, the night itself, the LGBTQ+/queer representation all put into our update post. There’s an option for you to be credited or remain anonymous if you don’t want your name attached to your comments.

Feel free to fill it in if you haven’t read the monthly read (this month was Birthday by Meredith Russo) but want to be involved with Book Club. You won’t have to answer any book specific questions but can give us any comments you have and send us recommendations of LGBTQ+/queer reads.

You can find the Google Form for this month HERE!

Let us know what you think and see you tonight if you’re coming along!

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