Struggling with New Releases (BEDM)

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Hello! Uploaded this a little later than planned but hey – read it before bed if you fancy it. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently since there are a lot of highly anticipated new releases out already or coming out soon. I’m not very up to date with new books – I rarely read them til months later at minimum! However, I’m trying to change this a little.

I’ve always been really terrible at reading new releases as soon as/quite soon after their publication date. I am hyped up for ages about it being released and then even if I buy it when it comes out, it will be a good few months, if not a year before I actually think about reading it. I used to think this is just because of TBRs and wanting to finally read other books I’ve wanted to read for ages.

However, I realised last year probably that I just get slightly overwhelmed by something being so big and spoken about so much and sometimes get a little worried about being so involved with it. It doesn’t make much sense to me but also it does in some ways. I get quite easily overwhelmed if I’m over involved in something which I found out when I was younger and got involved in some fandoms.

Once I started getting too into it, I felt like I had to know everything that was happening in the fandom straight away and if I didn’t catch up with what was going on I’d feel stressed out. I realised my personality is not good with diving into an obsession!

For some reason, my brain applies this to new releases too. I think there are so many opinions I see and hear on a book that I want to just back away from it a little then jump in later when it’s all quietened down. Sometimes, I really do want to read a book straight away though! Like Meat Market by Juno Dawson – I want to read this asap!

I will read that really soon but I won’t get too caught up in everyone talking about it or I can end up feeling like I’m missing out if I haven’t read loads of reviews or opinions on it. I think sometimes I just like to quietly enjoy things!

Do you ever feel like this with anything?

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