Gmorning, Gnight! by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Illustrated by Jonny Sun) (BEDM)

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If you know me, you know i have a probably unhealthy love for Lin-Manuel Miranda. I adore all his work and his general attitude has inspired me to no end. So when i heard about Gmorning, Gnight! being released, i was absolutely thrilled to have a book that was completely written by him.

If you don’t know, which you probably should do, Lin-Manuel is the creator of the musical Hamilton, the genius behind the music of Moana and also the writer of tweets. He writes such good tweets that he wrote a book of them. GmorningGnight! is made up completely of his morning and evening messages that he shares on Twitter pretty much daily. They’re little uplifting messages that sooth a lot of people through their day.

For me, the tweets have always helped to focus myself and give me something bigger to think about during my day. To focus more on me and my thoughts and feelings during the day. So when i heard these little quips would be made in to a fully illustrated book, i could barely contain my excitement. I would now be able to use this book daily for my focus. It was perfect.

Instead, i received this book for Christmas from my best friend and read through the whole thing in one hour. I couldn’t stop reading each helpful life comment and wanted to keep going. I do occasionally pick it up day to day and read one or two to make myself feel better, and it’s incredibly useful for that.

Lin-Manuel has a very interesting mind. He’s intelligent and incredibly creative, and that really does come across in his comments on humanity in just a few lines per page. I love the way he thinks and how he manages to get that on to paper and communicate it to millions of people across the world.

An added bonus to the book is the illustrations by Jonny Sun. I love illustrated books personally, and they definitely add something special to the few lines on each page. It’s wonderfully engaging with what Lin-Manuel is trying to say.

There isn’t a whole bunch i can say about this book except it’s a little sunshine of positivity. It truly helps you centre your thoughts and focus on one thing. I adore the way it’s written and how he didn’t change anything from his Tweets that were engaging with the world in a huge way. I think this is a great read for anyone with a specific interest in positivity and books about changing your mindset.

5 Five StarsSarah Signature

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