A Very Unbookish Day (BEDM)

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Sometimes, you just really need a day with your best friends. Without a doubt, most of my days with friends are filled with bookish activities, but sometimes, it’s really nice to go out with your bookish friends and do something unbookish! That’s why yesterday me, Sophie and the wonderful Lois from LoisReadsBooks took a little day out.

3c9b8e1a-8661-45b7-81e3-04bc8f316586We’d been wanting to do something together for a while now, an activity that wasn’t related to book events or bookish things. We have spent most of our year and a half of friendship at book events in Manchester or other cities, so heading out somewhere else was quite exciting for us!

Myself and Sophie have an indoor trampolining centre near our homes, which is incredibly useful for days out. We all headed out for an hour of bouncing around yesterday morning, hoping to tire ourselves out to be honest. The centre is filled with individual trampolines, including some games such as basket ball, and a few pits that you can throw yourself in to from a height or a jousting rail. It was marvellous.

I didn’t think i’d actually enjoy it as much as i did, but it was a lot of fun with the games included. I spent a lot of time watching Lois and Sophie joust in honesty, which lead to Sophie being nothing short of attacked by two seven year olds. The perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

img_2737Afterwards, we headed to one of my favourite cafes for lunch, and spent about four hours having cake and drinks and chatting. It was honestly just a pure and wholesome time. Lois is my giver of all pop culture knowledge, so at least i’ve caught up with a lot of what i’ve missed on the internet!

It was so nice to do something not book related for the day. I often feel in times where i’ve been incredibly busy with blog work and events that blogging and reading is taking over my life a little bit. I’ve known Sophie for over half my life now, and there are very few times we spend together that aren’t doing something book or blog related, or even just reading together. It also doesn’t help that most of my friends have been made through blogging, so it was really nice to take a step back from all of that and do something different.

I love blogging and reading incredibly. It’s honestly given me a purpose when i’ve been working part-time and it’s constantly something that i can see growing and being proud of, but again, i sometimes need a break. This weekend (i took a trip to Liverpool and explored ALL of the museums on Saturday, with no reading involved at all) was the perfect little break away from reading and the book community, and was definitely needed. I’m incredibly excited to get back to BEDM and the bookish world again now!

Do you ever feel like you need a break from the blogging community?

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2 thoughts on “A Very Unbookish Day (BEDM)

  1. Can my official title now be Lois Booksbury giver of all pop culture knowledge pretty please? I had such a wonderful time yesterday and can’t help up laugh at Sophie being attached my the little kids!

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