Podcast Series: #WizardTeam (BEDM)

Podcast Series HeaderWith my long commutes to work, I’ve been reading a lot more but also listening to more podcasts. AGES ago I did a post called Podcast Series where I planned to start talking about podcasts I enjoy; bookish or other. I didn’t follow through but I’m back with it again now! I’ve struggled to know when I am best listening to podcasts and I’ve now cracked it and it’s best when I’m travelling or walking. This post is about one of my current favourites! I’ve been listening to quite an array recently: Harry Potter, film, true crime…yep! I have a couple I need to get on with listening to including a few that my friends make. This post however is going to be about a Harry Potter one I started listening to a while back now but then lost touch with because I just stopped listening to podcasts generally. However, I’m back into it!

Friends, Robyn and Bayana host #WizardTeam: A Harry Potter Podcast. They are also founders of Black Girls Create (I highly recommend following them on Twitter – I just realised we never followed them on our blog account but only did on my personal Twitter!)

Bayana and Robyn have been going through the Harry Potter books with each weekly episode focusing on the next chapter. They also record bonus eps for things like Pottermore news. I found out about #WizardTeam through LeakyCon2017 – Robyn and Bayana were on a panel I went to see and mentioned their social media and everything.

Their episodes are quite long and sometimes go off tangent but I don’t mind that – it’s so lovely to listen to two people who are clearly such great friends have a fun time nerding out together. Both at LeakyCon and on the podcast, they come across as positive, bubbly, lovely people. They are both hilarious and I love when they crack each other up. The best is when one of them, usually Robyn, can’t stop laughing or bringing up their own joke. It’s impossible to leave an episode feeling negative because their happiness and love for Harry Potter is completely infectious!

I’m way behind – they’re most of the way through Deathly Hallows now and I’m only a few chapters into the first book! I’m a bit sad I missed listening live with it and tweeting with them live but also I’m trying not to be thinking negatively. At the end of the day, I’ve found a fun podcast about Harry Potter and it’s great and nostalgic and wonderful.

It feels so familiar, like you are just diving into a little fangirling session with friends. It has a really cosy feel to it and because of the close analysis of each specific chapter it’s a Harry Potter fan’s dream. Not only this but as someone who loves analysing films I see and books I read, it truly is something I adore! One of my favourite things they do is at the end of each episode, they bench a character and say who is their MVP of the chapter. Their reasoning is so brilliant and often funny; I love hearing how they feel about each character.

You don’t have to concentrate super hard on this one; some true crime ones I listen to I need to fully focus on because if I miss something it won’t make much sense. However, I have listened to this one whilst doing my make up in the morning, replying to messages and writing plans in my diary.

I definitely recommend checking this out if you love closely looking at Harry Potter, all things nerdy (listen out for references to Doctor Who and Game of Thrones to name just a couple) and if you’re looking for a chilled, happy, casual podcast!

Let me know what podcasts you enjoy! And make sure to check out Black Girls Create – links below

Black Girls Create – Website | Twitter |

#WizardTeam podcast – Spotify | Apple Podcast

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