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I’ve already written a pretty brief post about the YALC announcements in general and what i think of them this year. You can see that HERE if you’re interested, but i’ve not talked about authors i’m exciting about or books that i want to read before YALC this year.

As i’ve said before, i really hate TBR’s, for me they just don’t work and i never stick to them. However, as it gets closer to YALC i really enjoy some structured reading and that means i can pull out a list of books that i want to get read before the event. I think this idea of a TBR is less scary for me because it’s usually a huge list that i can pick and choose from week after week. I have never completely read a YALC TBR, so there’s always more than i can read to choose from.

That being said, this years TBR is probably my biggest yet (with the least to buy which is really great for my bank account). There are a lot of authors at YALC this year that haven’t been to the event before, which is really exciting for a lot of people. With that, it’s come a huge TBR that i wasn’t expecting because i wasn’t expecting any of these people to be there.

I have a couple of books that i need to pick up before YALC that have yet to be released, such as Alex in Wonderland by Simon James Green and Heartstopper Vol 2 which i actually have on preorder. There aren’t too many books that i need to pick up before YALC now, due to the range of different authors going, i have a lot of their books and was no expecting them to be announced in the slightest.

All that being said, i’ve luckily been gifted plenty of books by publishers recently and have acquired many myself, which has lead me to a very nice TBR pile. Here’s what i plan on reading before YALC.

  • The Summer of No Regrets by Kate Mallinder
  • Pages & Co by Anna James
  • The Love & Lies of Rukhsana Ali by Sabina Khan
  • The Year I Didn’t Eat by Samuel Pollen
  • The Burning by Laura Bates
  • Dread Nation by Justina Ireland
  • Meat Market by Juno Dawson
  • Other Words For Smoke by Sarah Maria Griffin
  • The Places I’ve Cried In Public by Holly Bourne
  • No Big Deal by Bethany Rutter
  • Outside by Sarah Ann Juckes
  • The Million Pieces Of Neena Gill by Emma Smith-Barton
  • All The Things We Never Said by Yasmin Rahman

I’m sure there will be a few other books that i end up picking up before YALC and adding to my TBR. But for now, this is everything that i own and that i intend on reading before YALC 2019.

I’m so excited about the weekend, mainly to spend time with friends and just talk about books. I’ve already started putting my list of books together too that i want to take with me, i’m apparently getting prepared extremely early this year, and it’s making me even more excited!

Let me know in the comments if you’re going to YALC this year and what books you’re planning to read beforehand!

Happy reading!

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