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You may have noticed but on our Twitter, which has always been our main social media account, I barely tweet. It’s pretty much 95% Sarah but I have been getting (very slowly) back into it. I still don’t enjoy actually scrolling through but I’m tweeting a little more and replying when I need to. I mainly use our Instagram which we created at the beginning of this year. Read on to see my little chat about how I feel about our social media are blogging. 

I’d wanted to make an Instagram for our blog for a while but didn’t want to abandon it and barely use it so I waited til I was more okay being on social media again and had some ideas for what to post. This worked really well and I’m so glad I did this!

Social media is such a strange thing for mood – I went off it last year and barely used my phone for a few months. I was bad mentally and social media was not helping at all. After the few months of barely using anything, I decided to delete/unfollow/basically cleanse my accounts. Why follow negative people and people I don’t like? I felt so, so much better after doing this but still couldn’t deal with how fast Twitter felt (if that makes sense!)

Twitter is not the best for me mentally; I’ve barely even looked at my personal account (when I have it’s been purely to check some funny tweets that friends have sent to me over DM!) never mind tweeted. The blog Twitter is a little easier but I still don’t feel great on it. Seeing the number of new tweets pop up on my screen is really awful – it bothers me and I feel like I’m missing out because there’s so much on there and so much I will miss.

I know a lot of people find Instagram to have a negative impact on them but I really love using it, both my personal account and our blog one. I find it positive and even some posts inspiring – that’s probably mainly due to who I follow! I also don’t have the pressure that I feel with Twitter to keep up with every single post ever.

In terms of bookstagram, I love following such inventive and great accounts! Some of the photos people take are so cool and beautiful and I never feel pressured to be as good as them but I just appreciate it and take photos for our account that I enjoy. It makes me happy and makes me feel more creative.

I guess the point of this post is to a) share some feelings and b) mention how I feel like I’m a part of the book blogger community again! I felt really out of it for a long time, just because of my lack of using social media. Slowly but surely I’m getting more into it and getting to know more bloggers at events too like the Teensgate blogger events which are fab! I’m really happy to feel more part of it again and to be happier using social media – I look after my mental health much better now and this means I have healthier online habits.

How do you feel about Instagram/Twitter/other social medias? Feel free to give us a follow or let us know your username!

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One thought on “Social Media and Blogging (BEDM)

  1. I feel the same way about Twitter. I find it so overwhelming, and it often has a negative impact on me, especially when I’m going through a bad mental health patch. Whereas, like you, I really enjoy Instagram and actually find it has the opposite, positive effect. 🙂 I think maybe it’s because it’s a creative environment, whereas Twitter is all about opinions, and sometimes all the negativity can get too much and make me want to hide from it for a few months! xx


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