April 2019 Wrap-Up (BEDM)

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I have been waiting for the dip in my reading for a while now, it seems to be going so well i’m guaranteed to hit a slump at some point soon. April is clearly not that time for me! I partly contributed to ARC Attack April, and my goal was to read as many ARCs this month that i could get around to. On top of that, i listened to a couple of audio-books and had our LGBTQ+ book club book to read!

How To Make Friends With The Dark by Kathleen Glasgow
*This book was gifted from the publisher*The first book that i finished in April was How To Make Friends With The Dark after reading a pretty big chunk of it in March! It was my first experience with Kathleen’s writing and i absolutely adored it, and without a doubt this book has made it in to my favourites of 2019 already. It’s such a raw and honest exploration of grief and i found it so touching and wonderful. You can read my thoughts about it HERE.

The Meaning Of Birds by Jaye Robin Brown 
*This book was gifted from the publisher* I moved on to The Meaning Of Birds next as it was due to be released in April. Realistically, this might have been a bad idea to have two absolutely heartbreaking grief books back to back. I did enjoy The Meaning Of Birds and there was a lot of great representation in in which i appreciated. It’s a really fast read that i got through pretty quickly. Again, my full review is HERE. 

Ronit & Jamil by Pamela L. Laskin
I listened to this on audiobook and borrowed it from the library. It’s a book of poetry, a retelling of Romeo & Juliet and the less said about this book the better for me. One Star.

Queenie by Candie Carty Williams
I went to the Queenie event in Manchester the day before Queenie was released, and if it was possible for me to love this book anymore it definitely made me! I adored Queenie and her way of sharing her story with the world. It was also a refreshing change to read about a black person in London, as a lot of the focus is on the U.S. If i start talking about it, i won’t stop so HERE is my event recap and my review will be up extremely shortly!

Adulthood Is A Myth by Sarah Anderson
I wanted a quick graphic novel to read on my phone so downloaded a copy from the library as i’ve wanted to read one of Sarah’s collections for quite some time. I enjoyed it as much as i do any of her drawings and comics, however, it didn’t change my life. I find her relatable and her drawings incredibly welcoming though and if you’re in for a quick, humorous read, definitely pick it up!

The Paper and Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie 
Continuing with ARC Attack i started reading The Paper and Hearts Society and really enjoyed it! I was iffy about picking this one up because i didn’t think it would be something i really loved, but i did enjoy the story and the friendships definitely. My full review of this will be up closer to the time of it’s release! But it’s a wonderful book that i know so many people will love.

And The Ocean Was Our Sky by Patrick Ness
I listened to And The Ocean Was Our Sky as an audio book in April. I hadn’t planned on reading it, considering i’d started reading the novel and didn’t love the style it was written in. Admittedly, i much preferred listening to it over reading the book! It made me enjoy the story a little more and i actually found it quite interesting after a while, once i got my head around the point of view of a whale.

Girls Of Paper and Fire by Natasha Nygn
We read Girls Of Paper and Fire for our LGBTQ+ book club in April. We were all a little wary about picking it up, but I don’t think there was a single member of book club that ended up disliking it. I absolutely adored the story and the characters, and all of the controversial and sensitive topics were discussed incredibly well. I’m not a huge lover of fantasy books, but this series is one that i could wholeheartedly get behind.

I also made a bit dint in to A Good Girls Guide To Murder by Holly Jackson in April, so guaranteed that will be the first book that i finish in May! I’ve had an incredibly good reading month and i really hope that rolls in to the next month too.

Let me know in the comments what you’ve read in April!

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Books read: 8

Books read this year: 26

Pages read: 2,371

Pages Per Day: 79

Average Rating: 3.5

Years of Release: 2015, 2018, 2019

Genres: YA, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Verse, Audio Book

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