Personal Update (BEDM)

Chat HeaderLook at us, keeping up with BEDM – honestly pretty happy considering we are so not chill about how this crept up on us! Today, I’ve decided to post a quick personal update about what I’ve been doing recently, how I am and just generally things going on. I’ve had a pretty busy year so far, full of great things and a couple of challenges too. Read on if you fancy!

One of the biggest changes for me recently has been job related. I got a new job a few weeks ago which I love! It’s at Sheffield Doc/Fest (I interned and did a traineeship there last year) which is a film festival that takes place in June. I’m so happy to be working there – I’m on a great team, I’m learning lots of new things and I genuinely love working in a film related job. The commute is quite long but I see it as a positive in many ways as I’ve been reading a lot on the train as well as listening to a lot more podcasts too. I wasn’t happy in my last job for the last few months of working there for various reasons and was looking to leave. The fact that this cropped up, within my interests and industry and want to work in was truly a dream (sorry to be so cheesy!).

This means I’ve been super busy recently and will be for May/beginning of June as we are preparing for the Festival. However, I’ve been really inspired so have actually been writing more blog posts as well as doing more of my own work including writing scripts and working for Rianne Pictures where I intern. I’m so happy with how much I’ve been getting done as I had a massive lack of inspiration for a lot of last year. It’s a nice change to feel so inspired.

I had a challenge as I’ve stopped going to counselling as it was hard to fit around my job. However, I did feel ready for a break but it is still scary to stop after over a year of going. I’ve been coping pretty well and have been keeping an hour a week to myself to write down how I’m feeling and do the basics of my counselling sessions by myself. It’s definitely been a bit of a learning curve but I also realise how much I underestimate myself in many ways!

I’ve also been trying to see more friends which is difficult since we are all so busy! However, I’m planning more in advance and even just seeing people I can for an hour or so. It’s so important to me to see more of those I’m close to and I’ve made sure to spend quality time with family, friends and my girlfriend. I want to have as much time with them as I can and I’d rather not be distracted by other things whilst with them. I’ve been on my phone much less around others because of this and it makes me much, much happier!

Anyway! That’s my little personal update. I feel like I get more out of writing these than anyone gets from reading them but at the end of the day that’s what matters! Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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