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It’s Easter weekend, which means plenty of things including time off work, loads of chocolate and plenty of fun. My family have always been big on spending Easter weekend together, and this year has been no exception! On Easter Sunday me and my family took a trip to Buxton to do some book shopping.

There is a book fair on in Buxton pretty much once a month, which includes many antique and rare books to be bought. It’s not usually something i’m super interested in, but we try and go once a year to have a browse. This months landed on Easter Sunday, so we figured we’d make a full trip of it, going to shop in our favourite bookshops while we were there too!

I picked up a couple of books in the book fair (some classics that i’ve wanted to read for a while in more modern covers), before browsing the craft fair and even having lunch at the stalls set up outside (for those interested, it was a brie & cranberry crepe, springrolls and churros – sounds weird all together but it was excellent). The food stalls aren’t something usually included in the pavilion one book fair days, however due to it being Easter i think they’d gone all out. The books that i got from the book fair were:

  • Jaws by Peter Benchley
  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

There are two other bookshops that i adore in Buxton and i have to visit every time i go. Scriveners just out side of town is five floors of absolute second hand wonder. I’ve managed to pick up quite a few books from here in the past. They offer ever genre you can think of, wonderfully organised and signposted throughout the shop. It’s absolutely incredibly in there and you could spend hours working your way through the shelves. They also host a huge amount of first edition books, including some signed. If you’re in the area and that’s your jam, i cannot express how great Scriveners is for that! Sadly on this trip i found nothing! I picked up a few bits but with trying to limit myself at the moment to what i’m buying, i figured they just weren’t important enough to add to my collection at the moment.

The second shop that i absolutely love is High Peak Bookstore & Cafe (formally known and discussed on the blog as Brierlow Bar). I’ve talked about it plenty of times, about how much i love it and the hours i could spend in there browsing the shelves and having tea and a read. I only had about an hour to browse this time, and admittedly it can be incredibly hit and miss with what you find. The stock is sold off at a low rate due to it being returned stock from bookshops usually. The books are mainly half price or less, which is a great deal!

I make sure to go straight to YA when i get there, although the section is small, they sometimes have some good deals. And i always make sure to check out the children’s and adults sections because more often than not there’s some YA mixed in. The good thing about High Peak is the price is so low for a new book that it’s usually worth picking up something different. I’ve bought all kinds of genres from here in the past. When i went this time i picked up quite a few books that i’ve been wanting to read for quite some time, and i’ve even knocked a few off my wishlist now! I think that’s quite a successful trip!

  • T Is For Tree by Greg Fowler
  • Britt-Marie Was Here by Fredrick Backman
  • All The Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater
  • Bone Gap by Laura Ruby
  • Kingdom of Sleep by E.K. Johnston

I think this was the most successful trip i’ve had there for a while, and i’m quite excited for ARC Attack to be over so i can get to reading some other books that i’ve had on my shelves like these ones.

I set myself a budget for this trip and i am happy to report that i stuck to my budget and my buying limit, so i’ve come back pretty pleased with myself. If you haven’t noticed, i have stopped doing regular hauls on the blog. There are numerous reasons for this, but a big one was to stop me buying so many books because i feel pressured to haul. So far i’m doing well. Less books are being bought, but i have been given quite a few books from my friends recently. I won’t be hauling them because i quite like this specific haul style!

Let me know what books you’ve bought recently or what books you’ve been looking forward to buying soon!

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