February 2019 Wrap-Up

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I knew February would be a quiet reading month for me, i just didn’t know HOW quiet it would be. I started a new job in February, it was my birthday and i had a trip away planned with loads of other stuff thrown in. So at the start i knew that there would be very few opportunities to sit down and read.

That being said, i’m pretty happy with the books that i did get around to, and i enjoyed them all, so that’s something!

All The Lonely People by David Owen
This has been one of my most anticipated books for a very very long time now. All The Lonely People explored a lot of aspects of mental health and honestly is a great representation of depression. I connected a lot to the feelings in it and how the characters reacted to situations. It’s also an incredibly unique read. I really enjoy twists to contemporary YA and this definitely had that. Overall, i really enjoyed it, however probably wouldn’t pick it up again for a re-read. I do think it has a premise that everyone should read.

Jack Of Hearts (And Other Parts) by L. C. Rosen
I picked up Jack Of Hearts because i attended an event with Lev Rosen and Simon James Green (where i interviewed them, the post is coming soon!) and i wanted to know all about Jack Of Hearts before meeting Lev. I had no idea what to expect from this book and i went in pretty much blind. I was pleasantly surprised how much i loved it, and the premise of it intrigued me. The main character Jack writes a sex column, which i’m always wary about in a teenage book. But Lev wrote this so honestly and it turned out wonderful. There is a lot of sexual detail in this book, so if you’re not a fan, maybe give this a miss, but it is truly an honest representation of some teenagers lives. I loved how brutally honest this book is. Also as a side note, the friendship in here is absolutely wonderful.

George by Alex Gino
We picked George for our book club pick in February. I have been wanting to read more middle-grade and a middle-grade LGBTQ+ novel seems like the perfect place to start. The story follows George (Melissa) as she starts to come out as transgender to her family and friends. It’s a wonderful LGBTQ+ story about acceptance between the generations and honestly gave me a lot of hope. I loved the way it was written and the information about sexuality and gender it gives to a middle-grade audience. I absolutely flew through it. George has turned in to one of my favourite middle-grade reads.

This month i also started (and nearly completed) All The Invisible Things by Orlagh Collins, i only have about 70 pages of this to go. And in the last few days i started On The Come Up by Angie Thomas as i just couldn’t wait any longer. So you can look forward to these two books in my wrap-up for March.

Stats Header High Quality

Books read: 3

Books read this year: 10

Pages read: 867

Pages Per Day: 31

Average Rating: 3.5

Years of Release: 2015, 2019

Genres: YA, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Dystopia

I hope you’ve had great reading months and let me know in the comments what your favourite books of February were!

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